Coffee Time


We have spoken a lot about beer recently but we thought we would talk about the other liquid we love to consume! We have been all around London once again, popped into many different shops and drank a bucket full of coffee. So without further ado here is what we found.

The Garden Shack hideaway

Along the busy York Road (Waterloo), there is a small coffee shop nestled beside a giant Ladbrokes and a garish souvenir shop. Covered in plants and an eclectic decor, it was an interesting place. They sold more than coffee with a selection of foods and alcoholic beverages. However we went for our usual, Soya Mocha. It was fairly watery and didn’t really taste like much… that was until we worked out that all the chocolate was at the bottom of the mug and once you stirred it, it was pretty yummy (if a bit sugary)

The Hoxton Cabin 

We didn’t hold much hope for this coffee shop, it is in Hackney after all… The land of froth etc and we were not disappointed.  We visited with Bruffin and all three of us left with the disgusting aftertaste of whatever that was that they called coffee. Disgusting and in tiny cups for a lot of money!

Romeo’s Sugar Free Bakery

We have gone past here so many times and never gone in, well this time we did. The coffees were cheap and not bad actually, Ash compared it to a coffee stout? It was fairly watery and not particularly tasty. We may return for a cake at some point but we were completely baffled by the pricing as some of the larger cakes were cheaper than the small muffins. Who knows (Shrug)

Lizzy’s on the Green 

We had coffees from here just before we went on holiday, so this was around about June when the weather was warm (not now its gone back to the freezing cold that it usually is) So we had iced Soya mochas. They were pretty disappointing, expensive and flavourless, plus we are pretty sure they just gave us iced lattes and not Mocha.

The Hummingbird Bakery (Angel)

We were expecting this to not only be super expensive but also to not be very nice. Boy were we wrong! The coffee was pretty average in price but was really nice in flavour. We did eye the cakes but they are on the expensive side! But yummy Soya Mochas.

Coffee in St Pauls Place

A small indie coffee shop, we cant even find the name of it. However Bob and Bruffin went to see what it was like. Not bad but not great is the final verdict, the Soya Mocha was a little watery and a bit like a cappuccino but not bad. The Latte was ok.

Patisserie Valerie Marylebone Station

Needing to get on an early train from Marylebone Station, last week, Ash went into the little patisserie at the edge on the platform, having chosen it over Starbucks and AMT Coffee, seeing the name and thinking it should mean a decent cuppa. But how wrong could he be?! The Soya Mocha was truly disgusting, not since The coffee at Acton Station has a Mocha been this horrid. It sat on the little table under the window of the train, untouched and was poured onto the tracks eventually, it was that bad.

What is it about this chain that make such delicious cakes and chocolates that they cannot make a coffee to save their business?

There you go. Some good, bad and ok shops that we have tried. Check out our past reviews of other shops around london here. We will have a new post next week but until then subscribe, follow and leave a comment.

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