Last Friday we had read in Timeout that there was a special event going on in Mayfair. A huge butterfly enclosure had taken over Grosvenor Square, So what with our love of butterflies and something unique to do, we didn’t hesitate!

The Butterfly Biosphere, was an attempt to bring attention to the declining rate of Butterflies and even Bee’s. These colorful fliers pollinate trees and plants throughout London but in recent years their numbers have declined greatly due to the destruction of habitats and the ever changing landscapes and pollution.

When we arrived the ‘huge’ enclosure wasn’t that big, in fact it was pretty small, smaller than we could have imagined, standing at around 15 meter Igloo type building. The cue was pretty long though.

You entered through a zip locked opening and be sealed in, before you were lead into another zipped entrance. Where there was Butterfly Guards, In order to looked after them and stopped them from breaking free.

It was pretty cramped inside, with various humans and children stopping and pointing out all the various shapes, sizes and colors of Butterflies. There was a small map pointing out the different sections. As you were walking around tropical plants, trees, flowers, orchids and then a table of yummy fruit “The Butterfly Banquet”.

Then was a chamber of Chrysalis and Caterpillars in various states of metamorphosis.

We are all used to seeing Cabbage Whites, Brimsones, Red Admirals and the occasional Adonis Blue but the Biosphere was filled with all shapes, sizes and colors. It was truly beautiful to see such a mixture, looked after and just flying around.

We don’t know if it will ever return but should it, then do go and see it!

Try and help the little creatures, by providing them nectar-full treats and hopefully we can help bring back the numbers.

Short and Sweet but Thought it would be nice to share with you. Hope you liked it, if you have any other suggestions of things to do/see in London please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can get our updates in your inbox.

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