Coffee & Juice

Well here we are again with another round up of Coffee Shops in a post, but first off something a little different.

Joe & The Juice

When  we went to see the Butterflies the other week we needed a drink something to eat, we looked around at the Mayfair Restaurants and the eateries, but decided to finally pop in to Joe and the Juice. This is one company that seem to be popping up everywhere and we have never frequented one before. It was hot and a smoothie sounded a good idea rather than coffee. We ordered the Power Shake and the Energy Shake and an Avocado and Mozzarella sandwich.

We sat and waited, got bashed about by ignorant customers, deafened by crap jungle and house music and eventually had to retrieve our order from the counter as no one called it out.

What we got was a single crisp piece of rye bread with half an avocado and one piece of cheese. We hoped the drinks would make up for this, how can you go wrong with a smoothie? What we ended up getting was a really watery drink, the Energy Shake tasted of pure Raspberry juice and the Power Shake was just Banana, all the flavours were seemingly non existent, plus paper straws clogged up and melted. All this for £16. We won’t be returning.

AMT (Marylebone Station)

After having to travel through Marylebone Station a few weeks back and having to repeat the journey again, we had learnt to avoid Patisserie Valerie and instead went straight to the big Kiosk in the centre of the concourse. AMT Coffee.

We ordered 2x Mochas with Soya and went to catch our train.

We sat and sipped…

Meh, Oh dear Lord what do they do to coffee in that station? It was gross, watery with no real discernible flavour, but it did bring back memories  like vending machine coffee (which we are pretty sure it was)

We say take your own coffee if you are travelling through Marylebone.

Soho Coffee (Aldwych)

We wondered about trying to find something different, something that wasn’t Costa, Pret or Starbucks and ended up by Waterloo Bridge and Soho Bakery.

We ordered the usual and waited for them to be made, they may have gone to Columbia to get the beans themselves as it took such a long time to make 2 mochas, but eventually they arrived and were actually Good, well they were delicious, but cold! like really cold and sandwich was pretty good too. Although the Falafel was really overly chewy (much like an old Tyre) and was impossible to finish.

Shot It, (British Museum)

This week we got caught in that torrential downpour whilst in search of a new Coffee Shop and to get out of the rain. A little too late we found Shot It in Bury Pl.

It looked bright and inviting in that dark and miserable London street, so we popped in.

The decor was pretty, lots of white and gold, without being tacky, with flowers around the door and cute furnishings, even blankets if you got cold! We ordered the usual 2x Soya Mochas and took a seat and watched as the heavens truly opened.

The coffee took a little bit of time to arrive, but when delivered the cups were big, like you could fit your fist inside and the coffee was Hot, we mean actually HOT! none of your trendy luke warm foam. Actually it was too hot to drink straight off. but when we did taste it, it was heavenly and a real treat on such a crappy day.

This is one to return, or detour to.

UntitledWell there you go even more coffee shops to seek out and drink in around London

We hope you like these posts and if you know of any more to try or have suggestions for other things to try out in the Capital please leave comments below.

Come back next week for another post.


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