Superdrug Presents

Last week, we had been sent an invite from Superdrug to attend a special event as we are Beauty Card holders.

The Superdrug Presents!

And what were Superdrug presenting? Christmas, yes that’s right it is Christmas! That pre-pre-Christmas rubbish has started and this is the first big event we have seen, we didn’t realise what it was until we got there.

Tickets were £30 unless you had an invite and then they were free! So after applying we got our tickets.

The Event was held in a warehouse/office building in the city of London

(Behind Liverpool St Station).

A Pink London Bus was outdoors, supposedly doing make-overs and the like, but for the most part they were just handing out the unique Superdrug Shower Gel, with your name printed on the front of it.

Whilst we were waiting we admired the Drag Queen – Marie La Rae –  in the best make-up we saw all day.

The venue itself was decorated for Instagram posts galore; neon lights, balloons, swings, plants and the hashtag on every visible surface so that they got their name splashed all over the app.

There wasn’t that much to do, there were booths all around showing off the major brands and giving examples of how to apply the products, St. Moritz, Aussie Hair, J Lo Perfume, Piz Buin, Simple, Oral B, etc. Each booth was manned, (or womanned) by an orange person.

We steered clear of most of the booths as we didn’t want make-up to make us look like a reality star. Who were the Celebrity (If you can call them that) Special Guests, there doing talks and events downstairs, which we obviously didn’t pay for because… why would you? We did however partake in a free ear piercing and eyebrow threading and Bob had a manicure.

We left, grabbing the goody bag, thinking it would be filled with paper and crap and were shocked, stunned and surprised at the huge bag of stuff we were presented with, every company had given a sample of a decent size, from shampoo to deodorant, from face masks to make-up palettes, perfumes and shaving gel.

Seriously that bag was the best part of the experience.

Overall it was a worthwhile experience and we’ll be back next time if we are invited.

Did you go to Superdrug Presents, what did you think?

Well come back again for another post about something to do in London or a review.

See you soon.

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