Dream big or go home.

The other day Bob, Ash and Bruffin all received a special membership invitation to the Body Shop Dream Big Special event. Where all sorts of wild events were going on, freebees were to be handed out and overall a lot of good stuff much like the Superdrug event a little while ago. We applied for our tickets and looked forward to the day.Well today we attended this ‘Glorious event’ we thought we would let you know what went on.


When we arrived there was a huge sign on the door saying free entry for anyone and everyone, so why bother making us go through the process of applying for tickets and signing up to yet another event website? We tried to show the tickets but were told you didn’t need it.

The event was supposedly to promote the new global campaign to help girls achieve their dreams in both Brazil and Indonesia. However it didn’t say this anywhere except on the website so once again they lost the opportunity to promote what could have been a good thing had anyone known about it.

We walked up stairs! so many many stairs! Great if your disabled or injured and what with body shop supposedly being everybody matters where was your disabled access? Which clearly the person in the photo below suffered greatly from!

Once at the top we found………..

Nothing, a huge room filled with glowing seats, fluffy clouds attached to wires hanging from the ceiling and white walls draped with black curtains with fairy lights giving the impression of a nights sky.

There was a crowd of people gathered around a small choir who no matter what they sung made it sound like a dirge. I mean you are my sunshine but imagine being suicidal and all your family has just died, none of them were smiling but then again the room was pretty dark so perhaps they just needed light?

Then on to the room with the offers (we guess) Ultimately it looked like a huge a room where someone dumped a handful of english people to see what they would do and of course they did what the English do best. They queued! 4 Large lines of people, in various parts of the room proclaiming “This is amazing!” and ‘This is such Jolly good fun!” and “Best day ever!” Where was this Cool Aid that everyone had drunk from? Maybe the singers were sirens if you listened to them long enough you would loose all hope and this room would seem magical!

There was one long queue for two seats where you could receive a 10 minute back rub by two people who didn’t seem to know where they were of what event they were at.

Another was for a makeover station, which was a huge table with two chairs placed at either end where people were getting their halloween makeup done, or so we hope. The people that walked away from it looked like they were getting their faces painted.

The third queue was for the singular pay point where you could buy the Christmas advent calendar or some festive body creams/butters but only in Pear, Plum and Vanilla which were the least popular smells that they could have chosen, plus what makes these smells seasonal? Surely Cinnamon or Pine would have been more relevant.

The fourth shorter queue was for the hand massage and smelly wallpaper, it was suppose to be a joy for your senses but it was still the aforementioned “festive smells’.

Then of course there were the odd cubicles for the lesser things. Bruffin felt exceptionally sorry for the poor woman at the print your own tea towel for £4 who seemed to have no business what so ever and looked extremely bored.

We went over to the coffee stand, which when you brought your own cup your first drink is free. Bruffin had a Latte, and Ash and Bob had an Oat Mocha, we all agreed this was the highlight of the whole event.

We looked around some more in the hopes that we could find the swap shop but after asking 5 members of staff who didn’t work for body shop and had no idea what this event was for let alone what was happening. We found out that even though it was advertised for both days it only happens on Sunday! Why did you not warn us of this!

Bodyshop also missed a huge opportunity to add some of the animal cruelty petitions around the venue because with the traffic of people some may have signed up.

We took one last look at the dream room, where it was said all your dreams would come true. Its a small room filled to the brim with mirrors that were fun house mirrors. We achieved our dreams of become really short and wide! How did you guess our dreams! (This was sarcasm btw)

Needless to say our dreams were not achieved and we came away wondering who the hell organized this rubbish? It was badly planned and full of nothing. For the sheer amount of advertising body shop had done with emails, newspapers, tv ads, you would expect a certain amount of effort in the event itself.

As for the freebees well there was none.

We walked away thoroughly wet and having wasted the morning/afternoon getting to brick lane. We did see one patron of the event leaving after having the glamorous make-up done…

Next time we will just wait for the VIP events at local stores, they have much more going on, staff that know what they are doing and discounts on most items, these are worth going to if you like the bodyshop.

Needless to say when it came to ‘Dream Big or Go Home’ the answer was a resounding Go Home.

Well that was a waste of time! Body shop if you ever need an event planner trust me we could achieve a way better result.

Anyway stay tuned for more reviews and stuff and did you see last week we made an instagram post!

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