Bob’s Top 100 Women

It’s coming to the end of the year yet again and if you have been following this site for any time or looking at this site then you know we do our yearly countdowns of our Top 100’s . As usual we will be breaking this up over the next couple of days, we will start with Ash’s Top 100 Women then on to Bob’s Top 50 Men and finally Bob’s Top 100 Women. Again just like last years we will be adding occupations, last years positions and nationalities. So without further ado…

Top 100-11

Top 10

10 – Lili Reinhart

In the Same place as Last Year

She stayed the same because she is consistent, cute, pretty and sexy, down to earth and had some very stylish moments this year. I wish she had featured more in Hustlers but hopefully there will be more in the future.

9 – Luisa D’Oliveira

Up From Last Years 19

Luisa was one of those people who kept wavering last year on where to put her, but this year after watching her in a number of shows and following her on instagram I realized she was just too pretty and lovely not to be in the top 10. 

8. Jessica Camacho

Up From Last Years 21

Jessica was another one who kept wavering last year, but she wasn’t really in anything substantial. This year that all changed YAY! Two shows and in one she is a main (All Rise)! I mean just look at her and watch her instagram and you can understand why she moved.


7. Ruby Rose

Up From Last Years 9

Ruby is one of those people that fluctuate, thankfully this year she got more work and in doing so has started looking like herself again. Still super sexy and now plays a Superhero who wears some very dapper suits.


6. Margot Robbie

Up From Last Years 12

Margot looks different in every single role and has an effortless beauty and a really down to earth personality, I mean she’s Gorgeous!


5. Samira Wiley

Down From Last Years 4

It is doubtful Samira will ever not be in the Top 10, she’s beautiful inside and out. Her dressed up looks have been beautiful and that smile (swoon)! I just hope she is in something a little less serious next year (The Handmaid Tales), so we can see her silliness shine.


4. Jessica Parker Kennedy

Down From Last Years 3

Jessica is simply beautiful, super cute, an amazing body and a killer smile. Plus she loves dogs, I mean … what is there not to get?


3. Kate McKinnon

Down From Last Years 1.

Kate stayed at the number 1 position all the way till I watched the food documentary where this former strict, self proclaimed vegan stated she would eat fish and even nibbled on chicken. This automatically made her drop, I mean she is still beautiful and those dimples are to die for, but…..


2. Lana Condor

Up From Last Years 42

Lana just kept getting higher and higher as the year progressed. I mean she is cute, funny, pretty and has a lovely personality as long as she doesn’t get distracted with food. Apart from that it was nice to see her with a rockier look in Deadly Class, shame it didn’t get picked up. Hope to see more of her work and maybe a little less food on her Instagram!

1. Emily Bett Rickards

Up From Last Years 2.

The only reason to watch Arrow and she left 😦 Although the movie ‘Funny Story’ finally got released and we got to see her as something other than Felicity Smoke she is adorable. Dorky, strange, a little quirky, A smile to die for and she is just gorgeous! Why wouldn’t I want her to be at number 1?

Final Flag count.

So many many flags! Not as many Asian nations as I thought and quite a few mixed nationalities, but still so many American, but a lot less Canadians this year.

Careers and Placements

Weirdly only one singer, I am surprised I have a number of models. 

An almost equal rise and fall statistic (weird!). 26 newbies and 8 Re-entries, finally a number of my Women have got work or come back into the Limelight and so can be counted in this again. The 2 non-movers have stayed the same for 3 years now.

cool 🙂 

Well there you go there are Bob’s Top Women of 2019, what will 2020 bring and who will be on top this time next year. So Did you see any of your favorite in there? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for new things and stuff.

Happy New Year!

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