2020 The Year of Good Coffee?

As you well know we love Coffee – Good Coffee that is, and over the past couple of years we have tasted some truly awful brews but also some really nice ones. We hope 2020 will be the year where coffee takes a turn for the better but without further ado heres what we have found so far.

We have not been that adventurous recently, although we have noticed some shops popping up, so we will be checking these out soon.

Euphorium, Highbury.

Another branch of Euphorium and though we have reviewed the Angel Branch, we hadn’t visited Highbury’s for year and years and since it has recently been renovated we thought why not?

The decor is spacious with a front area with seating and then a smaller hallway-esque area with benches and tables leading to a much larger lounge like area with sofas.

The coffee was pretty good and there was a lot of food options which we may try next time but didn’t sample on this occasion. Also it’s dog friendly so that’s good especially when its pouring down with rain.

The Parlour N16.

Although we have been here before, it seems it has been updated and a fresh bit of paint added to give it a new look. Being that it seems more welcoming we went in for another try. Previously we had bought a flapjack here back in 2018 and found plastic inside after taking a bite. So we have always referred to it as such. This time we stuck to Coffee, two Soya Mochas in our takeaway cup, this seems to be the only place in that area that will fill our regular sized travel mugs to the top.

The coffee was nice a little on the tepid side but then we were walking along the road in the middle of winter.

Caffe Nero’s New Vegan Menu

Though this is one of our regular haunts, Caffe Nero has recently launched a new Vegan menu.

We tried the new Vegan Meatball Panini which was actually pretty good, it had a coconut aftertaste due to the cream cheese alternative, we also had a Lemon Muffin which is one we always go back to.

Jolene – Newington Green N16

We have gone past this a few times, the outside looks very welcoming and spacious. We went to go in the other day but saw a man making coffee, two very, very small thimbles of coffee.

Actual footage! So we didn’t bother.

Image result for coffee thimbles gif

The Acoustic

After avoiding Jolene’s we crossed the green and went into The Acoustic, we have been meaning to visit for a while now but it always looks like more of a nighttime restaurant. However on a cold January with no coffee in sight, this place looked inviting.

We took the window seats and ordered two white chocolate mochas with Soya and a Falafel Meze dish.

The coffee was ok, not amazing and didn’t really taste like white chocolate or coffee. The food however was pretty good and we are even thinking about returning for Dinner some time.

Clissold Park Leisure Center Coffee Shop.

This for some reason is called The Hoxton Beach? Because… we are no where near a beach or Hoxton or anything remotely to do with either but it is in Stoke Newington so maybe it’s some trendy wanker thing? So we ordered two Soya Mochas which weren’t good, to be fair we had been warned by friends that the coffee wasn’t good but we wanted to try for ourselves. They were right! You should listen to reviews. The atmosphere was that of the average Stokey establishment, children screaming, smashing things and generally doing whatever the hell they want and the the AuPair ignoring them or the parents ignoring them and instead reading The Guardian.

So that was the first round up of Coffee Shops of 2020, so far its not looking so good but I guess its just the beginning.

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