Climbing Moss tries Dalgona Coffee (Vegan edition)

 달고나커피 aka Dalgona Coffee seemingly has become the official drink of quarantine, with many people trying to make the beverage with mixed results, we thought we would have a go.

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A couple of months ago this coffee drink took over social media, apparently originating from a Youtuber’s Mukbang went viral . People have been attempting to make this since then, with varied results, apparently it was super difficult but never one to back down from a challenge

Ppopgi / Dalgona / Korean Old-fashion Candy (Still making it ...

Dalgona Coffee named after the candy because of its matching color (However does not contain Dalgona Candy) is a cold beverage originating in South Korea, though many speculate there are other names and origins from all over the world.

Who knows?

Who Knows GIFs | Tenor

The Drink consists of Coffee powder, Sugar and Hot Water, which you hand whisk until thick and creamy. Once the right consistency has been achieved you can add it to hot or cold milk or Soya milk in our case.

Sounds easy? Well some people seem to really struggle all you have to remember is that brew can do it!

All you need is 

2 Tbsp of Instant Coffee

2 Tbsp of Sugar

2 Tbsp of Hot Water

Whisk this together until you create stiff peaks.

Then pour Soya Milk into an Ice filled glass and dollop the creamy mixture on top and mix with a spoon.

You can add chocolate or caramel for added flavors.


Then drink the yumminess and pat yourself on the back for succeeding when a lot of people fail.


So there you go a short and literally sweet post to keep you entertained.

Have you tried Dalgona? Did you find it easy? Let us know in the comments.


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