And the Award goes to…

We like coffee as you may have gathered if you’ve read more than half a dozen posts on here! And we like to tell you of our experiences, so you know where to go and where not to, should you find yourself there, so with that in mind, read on…

So we have been a little limited with our exploration of Coffee Shops this year, we found one of the best during Lockdown, but they were pretty expensive (£9 for 2 Mochas is steep) and Caffe Nero opened it’s doors the moment they were allowed and we rushed in and savoured the empty shop and the good coffee the first chance we got, but when we went climbing last week we thought we would try out another new coffee shop…

The Local Street Art

We went to Acton to climb at the Arch and as we travelled we remembered bitterly the absolutely awful coffee we had the last time we were there, so much so we’ve come to associate Arch Acton with that coffee and it was part of the reason to go back and try climbing there again – to dispel the myth as it were.

We climbed (and you can read about that here) and then we left and sought out a coffee, we are wary of the climbing wall’s own coffee if it’s like the other branches of The Arch it’s baaaaad! Ash had researched and found The Coffee House on the High Road, but it was shut so we turned back towards the station and back up the back roads towards Acton Central, figuring if we didn’t find another we would have to go without, rather than dare that same coffee shop again.

As we turned onto Churchfield Rd we spotted a quaint little shop that boasted Vegan Dishes and looked interesting so we figured we would try it.

We entered and found a little shop under construction, actually a building site in the back, plastic sheeting blocked the back of the shop and a man was drilling a hole in the wall (IT WAS VERY LOUD). We shouted over our order, the usual, 2, large Soya Mochas and we sat and waited, thankfully the drilling stopped for while we waited.

Notice the plastic sheeting (left)

A good five minutes past and still we waited and waited, ten minutes in the end and we were presented with two LITTLE cups, good job we didn’t say we wanted small we would have ended up with Clerkenwell Thimbles!

We left and headed for the station and sipped at our cups and…

POISON, POISON, We think they tried to poison us, we really do.


And we tried, we walked the 200 metres to the station, past the -until now – worst coffee shop in London and we really tried to drink it, we switched cups and Bob’s was slightly better and hotter than Ash’s, but we are talking Arsenic instead of Cyanide.

We threw two nearly full coffees in the gutter and may as well dropped £7 on the curb instead and headed for the train home.

So have we found the worst place in London to get coffee? Is Acton the worst place in London for Coffee?

It baffles us how some places make good coffee in a minute, it’s the same process, the same machines, the same milk and yet somehow they manage to destroy the process and the experience.

So yep, Churchfield Rd, Acton will be condemned as the Worst coffee in London for all time, from now on, if we ever go back, we are taking a flask!

Do you have a better experience of Coffee in Acton? Is The Coffee house worth a try? Or is Acton Coffee Hell? Tell us what you think and if you know of any good coffee we haven’t tried.

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