His Top 100 Women of 2020

It’s coming to the end of the year of 2020 – thankfully! But here at Climbing Moss if you have been following this site for any time or looking at this site then you know we do our yearly countdowns of our Top 100’s .

As usual we will be breaking this up over the next couple of days, we will start with His Top 100 Women then on to Her Top 70 Men and finally Her Top 100 Women. Again just like last years we will be adding occupations, last years positions and nationalities. So without further ado… 

Top 100 – 11

Top 10


Maia Mitchell

A big jump (from 66 last year) for the star of Good Trouble, because I realised how incredibly stunning she is!


Jordyn Jones

Last year’s New Entry (at 16) had to go up this year, because she’s incredibly talented, having released a number of singles off her own back and slightly bonkers!


Oana Gregory

This Romanian Actor seems to have spent most of the year on a beach with exception to one indy film role as ‘Knifey’ in Cheat Codes, wearing a gimp mask. It’s a new look, I guess


Victoria Justice

She seems to be the most consistent of all my my entries never leaving the Top 10 and has just released a new single ‘Treat Myself’ as well as keeping busy working on two films for release in 2021.


Kimberley Garner

The British Designer has been busy flying around the globe even in a pandemic and designing exclusive bikinis as well as making her acting debut in an indy film due for release next year.


Taylor Swift

Ms Swift is back on form this year having just released her second album of the year and finally winning the rights to her own music all while looking gorgeous and flawless!


Vanessa Merrell

This YouTuber has stretched her acting legs being in Switched, for the first time independent of her twin Veronica (who made an entry at 84 this year), it proves they are not identical twins!


Jessica Nigri

It’s been a busy year for Ms. Nigri, having launched a free Only Fans, while still making incredibly detailed and accurate Mandalorian costume and made a number of mental YouTube videos on the process of making the best Cosplay costumes.


Kat McNamara

A big jump on 23 places for Kat this year, even though she spent most of the year at home working on her kick boxing with Bob the Quarantine Boyfriend (a Boxing Mannequin), proving herself a worthy nutcase to be included in my list of crazy beauties.


Abigail Cowen

Queen looney of 2020 it seems, Abi managed to break both wrists jumping over a bonfire at the start of the year, it didn’t stop her working and she has a number of projects ready for release in 2021, while still remaining completely bonkers.

Final Flag Count

A Surprising amount of Americans and a lack of Canadians and as you will see when she publishes hers a rise in Koreans mostly due to K-Dramas this year and as such have discovered a whole new country of pretty people.


Not a massive rise apart from Climbers (Mostly French) and sporty people (Tennis, Athlete and Skydiver)


Everything seems fairly equal apart from a large number of new entries.

Well that was a fucking mission

So that was His Top 100 Women. Next up Her Top 70 Men…..

 What will 2021 bring and who will be on top this time next yearSo Did you see any of your favorite in there? Let us know in the comments below.

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