Her Top 70 Men of 2020

It’s coming to the end of the year of 2020 – thankfully! But here at Climbing Moss if you have been following this site for any time or looking at this site then you know we do our yearly countdowns of our Top 100’s .

As usual we will be breaking this up over the next couple of days, we will start with His Top 100 Women then on to Her Top 70 Men and finally Her Top 100 Women. Again just like last years we will be adding occupations, last years positions and nationalities. So without further ado… 

Top 100 – 11

Top 10


Choi Soo-Bin

Soo-Bin is Singer and Leader of Tomorrow by Together and a New Entry this year. This year he was the male MC on Music Bank which is the first time he has stepped out on his own. Not only that he has helped the band produce and release two albums in 2020 and has cute dimples!


Lee Min-ho AKA Lee Know

Lead Dancer and singer in Stray Kids, Lee Know is another New Entry to this list. He caught my eye with his dark sense of humor and his love of his cats! He has been busy with 3 albums and Go Live a 3 hour Online Concert.


Ryan Potter

Probably best known as the Green Tiger in Titans, Ryan seems to have stayed home a lot in 2020, making his own clothing line and working on his physique for upcoming roles in 2021. Down to earth personalty, friendly and really sweet. Also environmentally aware and politically charged.


Kim Taehyung AKA V has dropped a couple of places this year but is still firmly in the top 10, along with his bandmates. BTS have been extremely busy this year! Taehyung has got style, that silky smooth voice and that sweet naturedness down to a T or should I say V?


Hwang Hyunjin is a dancer and rapper in Stray Kids. He demands your attention, yes mostly because he is pretty but also he is willing to be goofy too. He has released his own solo dance project on youtube and the band are working on more albums for 2021


Felix Lee

Felix is probably most known for his deep voice which doesn’t match his face. He was the whole reason I stumbled in to Stray Kids, his voice, his style and his cute smile and freckles. Born in Sydney Australia and only moved to Korea to become a trainee. He barely spoke Korean and only started to learn once he had moved which when looking at some of stray kids old videos and variety shows you can see him working out what to say, which is useful for someone like me, who is trying to learn.


Park Hyung-Sik

Enlisted into the Army for his Mandatory Military Service this year and so has spent most of the year there! He captured my attention in Hwarang enough to lead me to watch Strong Girl Bong-soon where you cant help but swoon. He probably would have been higher on the list but since he enlisted he has been out of the public, but he still looks good in a uniform so all is good!


Woo Do-hwan

Has come to everyone’s attention this year in The King: Eternal Monarch which got picked up by Netflix. Honestly he is just gorgeous! and has a really shy personality. His range in acting is quite vast too. Again he enlisted this year so he has been missing

Gosh he’s pretty!


Jeon Jung-kook

JK is the tattooed one in BTS and spends his life having his arms blurred out in photos. The artist and singer of the world’s biggest K-Pop Band has been busy this year not only releasing two albums with the band but also his own single ‘Still With You’ as well as making ‘In the Soop’ a Behind the Scenes holiday with the band and he made his directorial debut directing ‘Life goes on’. Literally there is nothing that this guy can’t do.


Park Jimin

The Singer and Lead Dancer of the band hasn’t moved off the top spot this year, though he fluctuated in the lead up, I struggled to choose between all the top four for who to set at the top, but in the end last year’s number one remained in the top spot, mainly because… well come on look at him! After watching Map of the Soul live concert there was no way he could be anything other than number 1! His single Filter has come to be one of my favorite songs and some of his dance pieces this year have made my eyes do those little heart things.

Final Flag Count

There’s not much change in flags to be honest, I was quite surprised to see how many Americans there were.


Wow a real rise in Singers but other than that theres not that much change


Fair doos, odd how there is an equal amount of new and downs.

Well that was a fucking mission

So that was Her Top 70 Men….. Next up Her Top 100 Women

 What will 2021 bring and who will be on top this time next yearSo Did you see any of your favorite in there? Let us know in the comments below.

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