Project E Beauty Mask Review by Her

As I (Bob) reviewed Sheet Masks a couple of weeks ago and had teased about doing a review of the Mask that Ash bought me for Christmas, that is exactly what I am doing today!

Ash bought me the Project E LED Light Therapy Mask, for Christmas and I have been using it 1-2 times a week since then and thought that enough time had passed to get a feel of the mask and its benefits.

As you may know I have some skin concerns, hormonal/stress breakouts, sensitivity and I am prone to dryness. I have previously tried all manner of skin care – see previous reviews and have experimented with ‘Light Therapy’ before, but not to this extent.

I have The Neutrogena Light Therapy Pen – a small, handheld version of the much more advanced masks, which has been somewhat effective – but a pain when you have a number of breakouts as you have to hold it on the effected area for 1 minute each.

The perfect solution is a full face mask where you can treat your face all in one go!

Introducing The Project E Light Therapy Mask.

The Mask comes with a Neck section which is attached via the connector cable so you have to use both – which in turn has to be plugged into the handheld remote. The remote is also the battery – which you have to charge via USB but one charge lasts a fairly long time!

The set up and usage is really easy, simply charge, put some of the Ironising cream on (a tiny amount only) – that came with the mask, then attach the neck section around your neck via strap – you kind of feel like a dog at the groomers with the collar restricting your movements at this point and then slide the face mask on – which has glasses arms that slide over your ears. This is a tight fit and I have a narrow face, but the arms may loosen in time, we will see.

I noticed when looking at the options for lights which one I would immediately be avoiding – Yellow – Why would you want to get rid of freckles?

So far I have stuck to the Red, Cyan and Blue. You can set a timer on the remote in increments of 5 mins, typically I have been using it for 15/20. You can also adjust the power of the light from level 1-5

I have one small quibble about this mask – the eye socket area puts quite a lot of pressure around the top of the nose and can be uncomfortable at times. The only way to alleviate is to lay down and let the mask rest – which is what you are suppose to do – if you got anytime to just relax…..

I have not tried the Green, purple or White mostly as I don’t need them (yet!), as I don’t have many/any wrinkles. But the others have proven to be effective so far, I have noticed less breakouts around my chin and it feels nice whilst it is on so I am happy!

I have researched and it does take at least 2-3 months to notice the full extent of the benefits of using the mask, so this hasn’t fully happened yet and I will keep you updated as time goes on.

Well that’s about all there is to say, except I now have an excuse to post this gif

Have you tried this? Did you like it? What colours do you use?

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