The Really Good, The Bad and The Why Bother?

Once again because there is literally nothing else to do, hopefully that will change soon! But in the mean time we have been trying independent coffee shops for you guys so here is what we have found…


Suda Coffee – Mornington Crescent

Now usually when there is a sign saying “Best Coffee” we would automatically know that the coffee will be abysmal. This was the exception, a small take away coffee shop that serves lunch, cake to go. The sign was in both Hangul and English so you know we just had to go in! The woman making the coffee was really nice, smiley, happy and talkative and the coffee…. well two soya mochas, they were delicious!!! So I would be inclined to agree, Camden’s best coffee! We will be back to fill out our new loyalty card.

커피는 맛있었습니다. 감사합니다


Urban Baristas – Wapping Station

Do you want to take a walk back to the 1980’s? As you are walking past Wapping Station almost every person is dressed like that (I managed to take a picture of people that were dressed normally), its generic, it’s trendy, it’s very much like Clerkenwell or Dalston. So naturally the coffee is absolutely vile. Not undrinkable but despite ordering a Soya Mocha we got a bland latte. The cake was 6 pound for a single crumb and the pact coffee filters which are 3 pound everywhere else was 28 here.


Devotion Coffee – Essex Road

We have been seeing a huge queue outside of this little coffee shop since it opened. Well we decided to check it out and then walked away. Teeny tiny itty bitty cups that were really bloody expensive. With that size and price you know it will taste like burnt rubber and the death of all beans. So we avoided it like the plague.

So thats that for now. Just a short post to keep us going hopefully there will be more things to do/see soon.

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