Hot, Coffee!

Because it’s hot doesn’t mean we don’t want coffee. We have been on the look out as usual for more indy Coffee shops and also more Bubble Tea Shops too. Here’s the latest finds.

The Larder (Walthamstow Wetlands)

While fruitlessly searching for Moomins last week we stopped off for a coffee at The Larder. A dramatic coffee Shop inside the old Pumping Station in the middle of the Walthamstow Wetlands. The big Redbrick Building is now a gallery, shop and the coffee shop. The vast space is quite impressive if a little confusing as you cannot get into it via the gift shop, even though there is a door between the two. You must go outside and instead walk round to the back of the building and up a ramp, through the seating area and enter.

The Staff are pleasant and helpful (Unlike the staff in the Gift Shop)

We found our way in and ordered the usual (2x Soya Mochas) received them pretty quickly, despite the two Baristas being very busy with the shop full of families. They still had time to help us find the Moomins Map as well as give a family who ordered food extra cake for free.

We took our coffees and sat at the park benches in the Dragonfly Den and watched a number of strange little creatures flit and fly about while we sipped at the beverages. We have to say they were worth the trip, possibly the best part of the day, really good coffee and lovely staff, see it is possible!

MooBoo (Bubble Tea) Parkway Camden

We tried MooBoo a few weeks back but they were out of Soya Milk, so we headed to Bubble Station in Camden Market

This time they they had milk and we ordered to be honest we don’t remember – I think it was Chocolate Caramel for Bob and Coffee Chocolate for Ash. We ordered by shouting from the door to the counter 10 metres inside the shop whilst the server yelled continuously – sometimes to us, sometimes to the man standing next to her, sometimes to another unrelated customer it seemed she just liked yelling. We weren’t 100% sure she got our order correct because of this confusion and the distance, we waited a looooooong time, like over 15minutes. There were a pair ahead of us and one woman after, the single woman got her order almost immediately and then returned 2 minutes later with a leaking cup, they replaced the whole drink in a flash no questions asked, which we thought was good but still where was ours?

We finally got our drinks and wandered off down the road and sipped away. The drinks were incredibly sweet, like liquid sugar with extra sugar, so much so Bob didn’t finish hers and Ash struggled and I (Ash) have a very sweet tooth, these however were too much to take.

The Park Life Cafe – Britannia Leisure Centre.

We reviewed the Britannia Leisure Centre the other week and we were interested in the Café so this week we detoured back round that way to sample it. On a Glorious afternoon we popped in and ordered two Iced Soya Mochas, the staff were rather charming and helpful, the café looks clean and very welcoming, all state of the art and well decorated and the service was really quick. We took our drinks and went to sit in the park and enjoyed the rare heat.

We sipped at the drinks not sure what to expect, given any other coffee shops in Leisure centres have been truly vile, so when we took a mouthful and it was well delicious we were stunned! We will have to detour back this way again and fill up our loyalty card up and then we can plant it and see what grows!

Well there we go another selection for you to try out, if you do try them do let us know what you think and if you are looking for a Coffee Shop in London, don’t forget the Coffee Shop Map we have made [link here]

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