Fancy a Coffee in London?

Well we have been working for a very long time on this map, as in since the end of 2019 and we are still updating and will continue to as long as we drink coffee – so forever. This is a map of all the places in London that we have visited and what we have graded them.

As we have been attending each shop we have been grading them – most recently we have been adding stars. However on this map we have done a key for your perusal.

So obviously Loves – Our favorites, those few shops that we return to often, large sizes, good temperature, nice staff – Ie our 5 stars.

Good but not Great – Theres nothing necessarily wrong with them its just they are lacking that certain something – Ie our 4 Stars

Returnable – They tend to be places which have fairly standard menus, they may have only one alternative milk, the staff may be offish, the location is suspect etc. Ie 3 Stars

Chains – Fairly self explanatory, Costa, Starbucks, Nero, Pret ect – However some branches are better than others and some are outright awful. Some are listed in our Loves, they are that good.

Tea Shop – Only serve tea a huge amount of tea but are few and far between.

Been There Done That – We have been once, it wasn’t horrible but it is not worth returning. Ie 2 Stars.

Horrible – This is reserved for the outright disgusting, the coffees so bad we have spat out and poured the rest away. Mostly in Clerkenwell and Acton. Ie 1 Star.

Don’t Bother – This is reserved for the thimble coffees, the bad attitudes or the trendy wankers. We haven’t bothered ie 0 Stars

No Longer Open – Went to the Coffee Shop Grave Yard.

Bubble/Milk/Boba Tea – Our new inclusion and one we need to update and add to.

Some of the tagged places have obviously shut since lockdown so we are still in the process of sorting through what has gone to the coffee shop grave yard, what has changed names etc. So please bare with us.

You can zoom in and select a shop – see our notes and our grade etc. If you have any recommendations please let us know in the comments and if you know of any that have shut please tell us.

However if you are one of the owners of the shops that have been graded badly – do know this is only our opinion and therefore no offense or malice is intended.

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