Before we start – The 2021 Top 100’s

We thought we should write a quick post before we post the Annual ‘Climbing Moss Top 100 Celebrities’ list/slideshow, because this year there are a few changes to the usual set up…

So every year we spend weeks compiling and sorting out our lists of the top, prettiest, most influential and generally coolest actors, singers, athletes, designers and even cosplayers and then we list them in a slideshow for 100-11 and the top 10 are given a special photo collage and a little explanation as to why they are there and who they are and If you go back through the years you’ll see quite a change in some of our choices!

But due to the limits of WordPress’s storage we have had to start limiting the older posts and even removed the first one. But we continue on.

This year there are a few changes to the regular format in so much as this; Usually we set limits that the highest New Entry cannot be higher than 15 on any list, but as you will see due to our viewing habits and the fact that we have exposed ourselves to a lot of new cultural stimulation in 2021 we have a lot more new entries than usual and so the top New Entry limit has been lifted and you may see some new faces high up in the lists.

That wave of new faces has mostly come from watching a lot of KDramas and listening to a lot of KPop music (See our post on the music here) and so you will see a lot of the Korean Flag showing up in the lists (as well as a healthy splattering of Japanese, Thai and the usuals, UK, USA, Australia and the like.) With that said Bob’s Top Men of 2020 had 30 Koreans in it already, she started early! But now it’s well, you’ll see!

There are also a few new icons for things like Surfing and Skateboarding and of course there are still a fair number of climbers in there, we are climbers ourselves and the pros do influence our choice and feature because not only are they pretty, but their abilities is attractive too. The same can be said of course for the singers and actors etc!

In addition there are absentees, a lot of big celebrities (and small ones too) are missing from this years lists, simply because they are not doing anything in the public eye, except posting on Instagram and that doesn’t count. So Emma Watson is missing from His Women and Rachel McAdams is missing from her women.

There are a few ‘actors’ that we have included in the past that seem to be on constant hiatus, posting pictures and videos of their workouts and holiday trips, but never do any ‘work’. Oana Gregory, the former Nickelodeon actor who was a new entry in Ash’s list last year has vanished again because she is the queen of the bikini on the beach instagram post, but hasn’t done a days work since Feb 2020 – oh it’s a hard life for these poor actors isn’t it?! So bye bye Oana.

While we are at it, if you compare people to previous years you can also see the ‘Slip of the Rose tinted glasses’ effect happening in some, we see people, think they are beautiful and then you follow them on Social Media for a year and then they drop dramatically down the list when we realise just how loud, self absorbed, have abysmal style or charisma or just outrightly ‘Chavy!’ they actually are.

Karlie Kloss was on Ash’s 2 years ago and high up in the top ten, last year she was missing, because do you know how many selfies she took of herself in 2020? 11,000+, Eleven Thousand, 11k!!! That’s enough to be marked as self absorbed and be dumped from the list for sure. Or Sydney Sweeney who has dropped dramatically down Bob’s list this year, because she is self absorbed and is irritating enough, to just make Bob cringe at the sight of her.

This year there haven’t been any Karlie’s, but a number of the high placed stars have plummeted to the lowly 80-100 section for similar annoying reasons. So if you want to check last years and see how your favourites have faired in the past Type ‘Top’ in the Search Bar to the side >>>>

And then there is the other new feature, the fourth list; Every year we have put up Bob’s Top Men and Top Women and Ash’s Top Women, but this year Ash has listed his Top Men too.

It was felt it was a little lopsided and he has his preferences is the men of the world too, not that he is swooning over them as much as he does over the other list! But a list (somewhat shorter than the other 3 it has to be said) is included and will be posted, in amongst the other lists.

So get ready to see a whole new line-up of the biggest, best, most beautiful and most iconic people that Ash & Bob and Climbing Moss hold in regard, starting tomorrow with Ash’s Men, then Bob’s Men, Ash’s Women and finally Bob’s Women.

So there we are, we hope this whet’s your appetite and you keep a cheek over the next week for the posts and let us know if you agree.

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