Chocolate Cookies For You & Your Dog

This week we realised we didn’t have a post to write, so we are going to do something a bit different, we are going to bake cookies for us and the dogs and tell you how we do it as we do it!!

So basically we are following a recipe from Amy’s Healthy Baking, this recipe with a bit of substitutions and tweaking.

And taking photos as we do each stage, then posting to here as we proceed…

Of course if you are reading this on Friday or any other time thereafter this is just a recipe for making Cookies!!

So let’s begin (finds appropriate gif)

Step one: The ingredients or ‘he goes and gets the ingredients out while she sits and stares at KPop boys!’ (Hence the gif).

So we have the ingredients out and photographed.

We excluded – Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract and Raisins in order to make it more Dog friendly.

Step Two: Mixing and making a mess!

We are making double the amount, so that we have enough for us and the dogs.

Bob starts measuring out and singing Butter as she adds the wet ingredients to the bowl first, then add the dry (flour & Baking Powder etc) and that’s a loooot of honey.

Step Three:

Mixing it together. Basically add the dry and wet ingredients together, stir and break down all until you have a ball of oaty dough.

Leave this in the fridge for 30 minutes and return to the blog to correct the autocorrect spelling and resize the pictures etc.

Stage Four:

Separate the dough into small lumps and place on a grease proof paper on a baking tray and place in the oven for 11-14minutes at Gas mark 3-4 that’s 325 in foreign money! (aka Electric)

Stage Five Chocolate

Now before you freak out, we have Doggy Chocolate bars.

Break up the chocolate pieces and place in a bowl and melt, either over a pan of water on the hob or bit by bit in the microwave making sure to not burn the chocolate.

Stage Six

Dip the cookings into the chocolate and leave them to cool and the chocolate harden again.

Stage Seven


Hopefully this gives you some ideas – maybe for Valentine’s day? for Petentine’s day (Pet Valentine?) and we hope you enjoy.

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