Please Help!

This is not the blog post we were meant to write this week and it’s not the post we want to write, but it is the post we need to write. So basically we really need your help…

Solo is Ash’s Emotional Support Dog, she is a hyperactive ball of energy and is there to help him when he is stressed or anxious (a common occurrence) and is trained to draw his attention away from the stressful situation and play. She is always with us on our walks and even comes to the climbing walls – though she just frets and worries the whole time, fearing we may get hurt – but she is an integral part of our lives and Climbing Moss. When we walked the Capital Ring and since we have continued walking she has lead us everywhere and she’s on a constant search to retrieve every tennis ball in the world and our walks are formulated around her and her access.

So when we got home on Monday to find her laying on her bed not moving, seemingly uninterested in anything and then getting her ready to go for a walk we discovered, she couldn’t walk properly, her back legs weren’t moving as they should and we had to take her to an Emergency Vet Appointment, on Monday night.

She had been overly fussy with her food over Christmas and had already seen a vet the week before due to this and they had concerns over the stiffness in her hip.

But the diagnosis this week was a lot more severe, there is neurological damage to her spine, how and why we have no clue as of yet and may never know, but we do now know that first things first, she needs an MRI of her spine to figure out what is wrong and how bad it is and then where we would have to go from there. We have found a veterinary hospital to do the procedure.

But this is where we need help, the MRI will cost £2,000 and then treatments are unknown, but expensive, it is not covered by insurance because of numerous reasons, but basically we need to find a lot of money to find out what is wrong and what we need to do to help her.

So we have set up a GoFundMe in order to try to raise the funds needed to get our little ball of chaos back on her feet and out walking again. If you can spare anything we would be immensely grateful and indebted to each and every one of you and Solo would be thankful too and if can share the link to the Go Fund Me please do so.

We will of course keep everyone updated with her progress and hopefully be able to write a recovery post soon (fingers Crossed)🤞

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