Last week we started to tell you about the new walk we are doing. The Climbing-Moss Heart of London Walk and we shared the basics of Section one. This week we want to follow up on that, with Section two, because when we actually walked the route, we joined the two sections together, due to a train strike on that day! But here is a shorter route that is from Hackney Wick to The Princess of Wales Pub, on the River Lea…

As we said, we joined one and two together, making for a long walk, but of course you don’t have to. You could always stop off at The Lord Napier Star for a break and a pint and then continue on or start from Hackney Wick station on Wallis Road and walk North towards Sainsbury’s

Turn down the continuation of Wallis Rd until you get to the Bridge over the River Lea. Cross this and then walk back down to the river and follow it along.

At the bridge for the EastCross Route turn into Wick Woodland and follow the path north until you either reach the river or simply cross the vast open field marked out with football pitches.

At the far end you rejoin the path and head into the reserve are, through fences and gates to find Nature’s Throne and a great Photo Opportunity.

Then return to the path and back out onto the River Footpath and cross another bridge.

Follow the path around the bends in the river until you reach the Princess of Wales Pub on the Port side of the river and stop here for a pint and a burger (if so desired – we can recommend them).

This ends Section Two.

Come back next time for more reviews and more of the CMHoL in a couple of weeks. If you want to follow along the route, head over to the CMHoL Page and download the PDF of this and all other sections and if you do the route please tag your photos on Social Media #CMHoL so we can see them.

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