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We have been out and about again and we have sort out more coffee from more little, independent cafés (and small chains) and here’s what we think…

Lever & Bloom – Bloomsbury

This is one of those places that you pass and never really stop, the very top of Shaftesbury Avenue in that little triangle of greenery behind the Umbrella Shop and the Shaftesbury Theatre. But stop this time we did, the narrow little kiosk bakery seemed busy and the staff pleasant. We ordered a pair of Iced Oat Mochas, for it was that day – you know the one that was actually warm the other week.

The coffee was ok, small but ok, even though we order the large size (as usual!) but it was Eeeeexpensive, £9.

But we guess that’s the location for you!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Knot Victoria Station

Whenever we are in Victoria Station we order coffee from the Caffe Nero Express and the Platform 7 one, not the main concourse one (to be accurate!) But this time we decided to try Knot’s Kiosk opposite Nero and alongside Platform 7.

The staff were idiots, they didn’t understand simple instructions and so the Black Americano with a splash of cold water had maybe two drops of cold water in it and the Oat Mocha WAS NOT OAT MILK, but just ordinary dairy milk. This is something we have noticed before, they charge for the alternative but serve dairy and if you try to stop them they do it covertly and make sure you get dairy. Then you suffer stomach aches all day long. This is not fun.

Additionally, the coffee wasn’t cheap £8.50 and to top it all off, it wasn’t good. The Americano was sour and the Dairy Mocha was nasty (aside from the milk).

But it can’t be the coffee itself, because we had coffee from Knot in Richmond and that was great, clearly it’s proof that it is down to the person making it.

So we will return to Nero next time!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Clean Kitchen Club – Battersea

Having had to frequent Battersea Power Station a number of times recently, we have been looking for alternatives to Pret for coffee in there. We saw the sign for Clean Kitchen first time we went but this time we searched it out and headed in for the usual but iced – An Americano and a Mocha.

The staff were helpful and honest, when were going to order the coffee shake, but were advised that it was rather weak and not worth it, so an Iced Oat Mocha it was!

And Ash was glad he did, the drink was good, the Americano was a little sour, but not the worst.

The interior is a little too obvious, it has the fake grass wall, the neon sign and is a little too clean and sparse. But it’s ok, just not great!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Neighbour’s Nook Café – N16

This is a strange nostalgic one for Ash, having grown up in the area, 160 Green Lanes is the former home of one of his close friends. The downstairs used to be a Betting Shop, now it is the Neighbour Nook Café, a long, narrow establishment, with a lot of seating and pretty decor and really nice staff. On the last of our Walks for a while we stopped off for the usual and came away with two drinks that were really nice.

An instant favourite, we just regret not getting a loyalty card, because we are sure to fill it up soon enough!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Over Under – Battersea

This is a little Black Airstream on the steps behind the entrance to Battersea Station. It is quite busy, but the staff are friendly and helpful and the service was quick.

There is plenty of bench seats to sit and sip at the coffee before heading into the Power Station or the tube and we enjoyed our drinks and did intent to return on our last visit, but it was closed.

Well next time!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Strelitzia – Dalston Junction

Dalston isn’t our favourite place, but necessity brings us here every so often and thought the Curve looks pretty, the thimbles of £5 sludge isn’t that appealing and the Route with the surly staff is ok, but not great, but we did spot Strelitzia a while back and it always looks busy, so when we there a couple of weeks back we headed over there instead and the name is the Mech Robot in Darling in the Franxx (Ash’s favourite Anime!)

The interior is a deli, more than a sit and drink place, the couple of tables were filled by stereotypical types, a Diesel Dyke on a date with an Undercut Lesbian and group of trendies with trousers around their shins, wooly jumpers and neckerchiefs – you know the type!

But the staff were pleasant, a moustachioed Barista and a really Pretty female server with the cutest dimpled smile! The drinks took their time though, more than 10 minutes for the standard order and the cups were mid sized, (neither big or small, though that was the large!) We took the drinks to sit in the greenery outside Mildred’s opposite.

But what about the important bit, the taste? Well – Good, really good, actually. Just a shame about the wait time!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Borabori Cafe (SOKOLLAB)

Finally after many months of trying and failing to get a coffee from the cafe inside of the Kpop store. We timed it correctly and were able to order some drinks – Our usuals – whilst spending lots of time navigating the confusing shelves for some goodies.

The staff were friendly as per-usual and the coffees were good!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Well that seems overdue, but that’s another roundup of Indy Coffee Shops for you to try, if you do, let us know what you think and come back next time for another review.

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