Not more Coffee?!

Yes more coffee shops to tell you about.

Another selection of Coffee Shops all over the place…

Route Dalston

We looked everywhere In Dalston for a coffee shop that looked even remotely large/nice enough to dare to chance. This is how we stumbled into Route in Roseberry Place – Hidden in amongst tonnes of scaffolding with no signs, it was only that there seemed to be someone in a seating area that we guessed it could be coffee. The staff was a little offish and blunt but the coffee was good! The only strangeness was how small the americano was in comparison to the Mocha.

The decor was pretty cool too not the usual trendy crap in the area- we will be returning! Finally a coffee shop in Dalston that is good!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Greenery Turnpike Lane

Wood Green/Turnpike Lane is one of those places where the coffee has been really hit or miss so we are always a little trepidatious when trying shops out. However we had seen this shop/restaurant with the vegan options sign and smoothies so we decided to take a chance. We are glad we did! Inside it is huge, with an entrance on either end a large open seating area, lots of tables matching everything. Flowers on the tables – of course the obligatory neon sign on a grass wall. The staff are really nice and we have been back a number of times since our first try so that really shows what we think.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Mira Southgate Road

Had meant to go in a number of times but the barista was rude and so we didn’t, but got coffee on the way and it was pretty good and the barista was pleasant. The staff seems to have changed since then – the coffees were ok.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


We have passed this shop many times and thought about going in as the fruit and veg seem abundant. We finally took the plunge and browsed the shelves as we ordered our coffees -Oat Mocha and Black Americano. The prices are expensive (tinned tomatoes £1.90) apart from the random vegan things you can’t find anywhere else – which were cheap. The coffees look a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGG time and then turned up wrong – the Black Americano had milk in it – so it was returned – to the confused staff and remade. The coffees were absolutely disgusting!!! A 4 sugar job where as we usually have none. The one star was mostly for the shop and selections.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

So that is a round up of the past 4 new coffee shops that were not Capital Ring walks stay tuned in a couple of weeks for more coffee and no climbing.

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