We like TV shows! We like Movies and you know what? We love them too much to write a full review every time we watch one but we thought of a way of letting you guys see what we think of certain things.

Vauxwall Review

Considering our blog is called Climbing Moss and we are both climbers we thought why not do a review of some indoor climbing walls?  We wont however be reviewing that much moss (I don’t think)

All about…. Well Us!

Well we didn’t get round to a review this week, because we spent all our time making an ‘About’ section, that is available to view if you click on the Menu button above. Over the next few weeks we may add more sections. What should we add? So go read all about us in the new page.

Hello and welcome

I need wine… We figured everyone is doing this now, so we will hop on the band wagon and here we are! 🙂 So we will probably be updating this every Thursday/Friday, it will be honest and sometimes brutal, it might mildly alcohol induced there will also be two people trying to type at the … More Hello and welcome