Hello and welcome

I need wine…

We figured everyone is doing this now, so we will hop on the band wagon and here we are! 🙂

So we will probably be updating this every Thursday/Friday, it will be honest and sometimes brutal, it might mildly alcohol induced there will also be two people trying to type at the same time  grrrrr also we will have apple trying to correct every damn thing we are trying to type! so we apologize in advance for the stupid spelling or grammar. (or in advice as we just had to correct). On top of that we DO NOT AGREE A LOT OF THE TIME!!

Obviously there are two people blogging right now –

He will write in italic and in English  

She will write normal and in american spelling apparently!

So a bit about us…  We are us.

He is a former photographer/writer/lover of old films and crap… 

She is a former model/musician, lover of animals and puns (I’m sorry for the bad jokes) and a lover of mustaches!

Together we are an …Ish and Best friends who just like to rant to be honest..

So while she runs to the fridge for more alcohol I’ll say this blog will be a lot more her typing and more my trying to get her to write what I say! In time we may add Vlogs and be more adventurous but for now it’s going to be reviews and rants.

We both have dogs and they may contribute at times, mostly my weird freak of a mutt, typing her own parts (we will let you know when she types!).

We have a hatred of Chav (that is to say we love the chatter of the common folk, those that need to say ‘Bruv and ting’) init?  

Yay Jonas Brother on iTunes! (There’s a whale in the pool with my mother).

So what we doing here?



Loving – the things we love, what we love who we love (I’m not adding Taylor Swift even though he has tried to write it and add pictures :S)

and telling you what we think of the crap that fills our life!

So we should get started I guess!

So what do you think? What could and should we review? what do you want to know?

Tell, tell, tell…

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