SheIn Online Store Review

He: -So I saw a blog post by Rosie Thomas on The Londoner Blog a while back where they mentioned a dress she ordered from a website called SheIn (I’m not giving you the link trust me here!). I went to look and thought “Ooo this looks good!” So I told Her and she thought so too. 

She: – So I thought I’d treat myself to some new clothes and other bits as they looked good and the prices were good too. So I shopped (you see I HATE shopping so online is the only way for me) dropped a few items in the basket and waited for my confirmation email.

Within the next few minutes I got a ‘Next order qualifies for 20% discount’. email, but no confirmation email telling me the order had gone through.

So next day I finally got an email saying the order had gone through and the order should be with me in 14 days MAXIMUM. The shipping costs were higher than they had stated on the website. I thought ‘Oh well’ and let it go.

Then I waited and waited and waited… and waited. 14 days came and went, So I tried to email the company and discovered that there was no contact information. This is when my ‘Oh no’ moment started. So I had to submit a ticket on the website, to which they only reply after 24 hours.

The reply came the following and said:

“It is nice to hear from you, please wait for your items to arrive’.

So I waited a few days and contacted them again and got another response saying:

“Please wait for your items to arrive.”

This went on for another week

At 21 days I contacted them and requested a refund as it was beyond the point of ‘taking the piss’ to coin a phrase and they refused outright and told me to ‘Please wait a little bit longer for your items to arrive’. Then they said that they would contact me in a few days.

Surprise, surprise they didn’t.

So I went onto their tracking site on GLS’s website which said the package was somewhere in Belgium. So I got their UK telephone number and called. Got transferred to international – and started running up my phone bill – got told the parcel had only just been posted by the company the day before – even though SheIn claimed to have sent it on the 4th of the month and this was the 22nd. The parcel was in customs in Belgium because that is where they sent it to, in order for GLS to collect it and deliver it.

The company states on their website all big and proud about being this All American company with tales of great doings and how amazing their rise to success has been, yet in truth they are operating out of Mainland China and have no links to America except for a warehouse somewhere.

I went back to SheIn and requested another refund.

SheIn replied with:

“We cannot give you a refund, please wait for the parcel to arrive”.

By now I was angry, well beyond anger, livid, infuriated and just GGgggggrrrrrrrr!! I wanted a response that wasn’t ‘Please wait’.

But no luck there.

So next day I tried again and they replied with, wait for it…

“Please wait for your items to arrive”.

I told them I was going to pass the matter over to legal services and let them deal with it, to which they replied with…

“The postal service is on strike and has delayed your order delivery. Please wait for your items to arrive.”

I contacted GLS the delivery company and they have not been on strike, I told SheIn this and they replied with.

‘Sorry for the delay, please wait for your items to arrive, here is a 30% discount voucher for your next order whilst you wait”.

May I add these responses were written in poor english.

I replied again stating that I had spoken to GLS and they informed that they had not been on strike and the package was not on route, but stuck in customs and that they (SheIn) were in fact a Chinese company and not American as they claimed.

SheIn replied with:

“Our factory is in China, most of the shipments are sent from China, but also has a warehouse in the United States and Belgium. Please wait for your order. Here is a 35% discount for your next order.”.

As if I was ever going to order from them again!

I continued to speak with GLS and then Parcelforce (in the UK) who informed me (eventually) that the package was through customs – after four days – and was in transit.

Today it arrived having taken double the time it had been stated and in a battered and damaged package, with two of the items are coming apart at the seams before I even have put them on.

Since the order went astray I looked the company up and only then (more fool me) I realized that the reviews are terrible for SheIn.

75% of reviews give it 1 star

75% of reviewers state their orders have gone missing for 3 to 6 months, many state the clothes are falling apart upon delivery, or the delivered clothes are the wrong size or type and the company do not care, they simply reply to email after email with.

“Please wait”.

They claim to be market leaders in the online fashion industry with their head office in New York and want to be the world’s biggest online wardrobe company.

but that isn’t likely to happen when  you refuse to talk to your customers or even have a complaints and returns department.

So in review I must say this.


One thought on “SheIn Online Store Review

  1. OMG, I am having the exact same experience with Shein. I ordered $238 worth of clothes and wall decor all for my items to get to my state and be held at customs with no answers on when or if they will release it. I contacted shein and got the please wait babble and they keep trying to redirect me to contact DHL to get them to release the package from customs. Complete waste of my time. I refuse to chase the package down, when the company is operating under false pretenses. I filed a Paypal case on Shein and am expecting a full refund. I dont give 2 craps on if customs ever releases the package at this point – I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK (SIGH)..


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