The Mean Girl cliques

So where to start…

Her: So a tumblr blog that I follow, posted this the other day. Being a completist I can say that I had seen 6/7 the only one left being Heathers. Oh now I know why….

So before we get ahead of ourselves lets review.

Both: Everyone has seen Grease some of us have been Rizzo (why wouldn’t you be?) and He has photographed enough amateur productions to know it far too well. So there are the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds but enough about them its all about the girls. You had your typical good girl, the rebel, the hairdresser and I’m not quite sure who the hell the rest were.. but yeah.

Well this obviously started a trend, the girl gang! The clique, The pretty girls, whatever you call them you know who they are/were.

Well skip Heathers for the moment so we will come back to that..

Clueless- Her: Im not a huge fan of this film way too much shopping! and the only one I liked was Britney Murphy so yeah I’m passing it over to him.

Him: I lovvvvveeeee Cher, Alicia Silverstone… that mouth (drool) outfits to die for and the quick witty slang terms that became so duh! My only problem with it was Britney Murphy…

Next – Scream

Her: Nieve Campbell is sooooo pretty… Yes I liked the film it was an instant cult classic! So many deaths that I can remember and every movie since has copied or taken influence from it.

Him: What a classic, what a inspiration, from Drew Barrymore’s cameo and death at the beginning – the biggest star dying in the first scene, what? You don’t do that!. The telling of how the horror movie plays out so that everyone is aware of what is going to happen, you don’t do that either. then playing it out. Now ever horror film follows this score, killing off a star in the first scene, naming another film or how the ‘Classic films do it”, stating ‘what not to do’  and how to get through it and all with you have the girl clique the friends that you know are next for the chopping block. 

So then came Jawbreaker.

Her: I loved Jawbreaker! sooo sooo good! The whole murder/make over was cool. The cast was probably the winning thing for me… I do realize I am just saying pretty a lot…

Him: Yes something about a gob stopper in the mouth of a girl in a car and Rose Mcgowan being a bitch (Shocker!). As you gather I don’t really remember it too well.

Legally Blonde:

Her: Omg become a lawyer from nothing awesome! I wish it was that easy.  There was an overkill on Pink but you know Its still a guilty pleasure.

Him: The fastest law studies in the history of the American University like ever! Lots of pink and a lesson on how to bend over. That’s about it really. Oh and shopping!

Mean Girls:

Her: So many many many pretttyyyy girls! I know I know ill shut up now. I still love this movie, Go Glen coco! but seriously Janis Ian should be a role model. I think there are so many things in this, that people can learn from. Rumors are nothing but petty and people can be cruel but for no reason but self doubt. Oh and Aaron Samuels looks good with his hair pushed back. Oh and I still feel my own boobs to tell the weather.

Him: It’s Fetch

So have we saved the best till last? We haven’t seen Heathers, or have we and not remembered it?

Him: Im sure I have seen Heathers, I must have done but I really didn’t remember any of it and now I remember why I don’t!  It is sooooooooo boring, so flat, so trying to be clever and artistic. Having watched it the only way I can describe it is like watching Rocky Horror without the funny bits, the songs or the weird bits! Then watch those 15 minutes over and over.

Her: After however long I watched that for (it felt like for 4hours) It was sooooo crap. I don’t remember any of it or anything about it apart from I really don’t like Christian Slater (never have)  Wow just crap I mean I can’t think of anything positive to say at all, oh hang on Shannon Doherty is pretty and she has some impressive shoulder pads.

So in all this is a review of some classic films and some not so classic some crap films. If you haven’t seen any or all of them, then download, net fix or hunt out a DVD and go see for yourself and maybe let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “The Mean Girl cliques

  1. I really liked Heathers! I thought It was a fantastic film that made me think about life and how much I like the idea of the death but not and being alive. Do you know what I mean? None of the films you mention come close to the cult of it.


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