R.I.P a tribute.

On Monday morning we heard the news of the death of David Bowie from cancer and were shocked and stunned, it had been a well kept secret that he was ill. On the Friday before he had celebrated his 69th birthday and also released his new album Blackstar.

Then today (Thursday) we heard that Alan Rickman had also died aged 69 and of cancer too.

We just wanted to pay our respects and tell you of our favorite moments these two great men gave us.

David Bowie 8/1/47 – 10/1/16

Her: Don’t get me wrong here, I completely respect David Bowie. The makeup, the style etc… I was never a big fan of his music though and not really much of a fan with his movies either. However I do get that he was an Icon so yeah….

Him: David Bowie has always been a hero of mine. At 17 I got thrown out of Chelsea school of art for arguing with the faculty, after that it was a shame that I kept hidden. Only about 10 years later, I heard an interview with Bowie, Where he talked about his early life and he admitted to being thrown out of Chelsea too, Suddenly I was ‘In with the cool kids!’ I had always admired the way he could change personas so completely from Ziggy to Major Tom all the way through to Thin White Duke. Then I discovered David Bowie the Actor and was in awe (even more if possible) I remember watching the Man that fell to earth, when I was about 11 and being totally confused but enthralled at the same time! Just loving the whole thing! Other than that his role as Jack Celliers and his legendary Goblin King were roles I remembered for years afterwards. Later on I seem to be the only person (that I know of) that seemed to like Tin Machine, I guess this was my time, my Bowie. But lately the music has been a little too jazzy or too something… On Friday last week Blackstar was released and like many I was eager to hear the renderings of this genius. Review pending.

Alan Rickman 21/2/46 –  14/1/16

Her: I only knew him as Snape and then I saw Dogma, then I saw Galaxy Quest and then Die Hard (I fell asleep half way through – twice). I’ve probably seen way more but these are the highlights! But the one memory that will stay with me is this;

When all the girls in school were fainting over the young Daniel Radcliffe or Tom Felton, I was more into Jason Isaacs who played Lucius Malfoy and Alan Rickman (Snape). I was about 15 at the time and I wrote a letter to them, stating how I preferred the two men over any of the silly young boys. Now one of my mates happened to be Isaacs’ godson and Jeremy phoned Oscar one day in order to talk to me. I instantly blushed and he asked, why I was more attracted to him rather than the young men on the movies. To which I replied “Because you guys are more interesting and more attractive, plus the rest are just ugly!”

Then he passed the phone over to Rickman who told me he was very flattered, but felt uncomfortable having such young fans and why are you looking at older men and not the young men instead.

This was my only date with the gentleman but one I will always treasure and he will be sorely missed.

Him: I also think of Rickman as Jamie the ‘cello player in Truly, Madly, Deeply or Dr. Alexander Dane, his,

“I did Shakespeare don’t you know!” Was so apt for the thespian and also Hollywood great.

He was a great actor, who I sometimes loved and sometimes hated, or as Severus Snape loved and hated as one.

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