Her Daily(ish) Regime


You have read his daily routine by now so I thought I would maybe add some of mine.
Obviously there are occasions where there will be more makeup or sometimes less, but I’ll try and keep it somewhere in the average mark, as to not be a 5000 page entry on all the makeup that I have (and probably don’t use very often)

So lets imagine this is a day that I’m going out in the evening.

I begin in the morning, cleaning my teeth and washing my face etc then onto…

The most important part of the whole daily routine is Coffee!
After getting everything you needed during the day done, you’ll need to relax don’t you?

     Bath Time!

As you begin filling up the bath, put a handful of Epsom salt, Bicarb or Himalayan rock salt or a mixture of all three in. Then add the Wild Argan oil bubble bath from the body shop, it is by far the most bubbly of all the bubble baths that I have bought for a very long time!
When the bath is run, get in and soak your worries away but not before applying a mask to your face.
I make my own as I don’t really trust what companies put in their products anymore.
Coconut Oil and Coffee Granules

So all you do is mix a teaspoon of coconut oil with a teaspoon of wet coffee granules apply to your face for 45 mins (bath time) then scrub away the dead skin.

As a woman theres the lengthy process of getting rid of all that unwanted hair and although you can get waxed, you have to grow your hair out slightly (YUCK!) So I have always used razors.
Over time I have realized that Women’s razors for the most part suck! Men’s however are more robust,  there are more but these are the ones that come to mind.
Gillette Fusion (non disposable), Gillette Blue II (use a few times then throw – they dull easy) and the new one which is actually a woman’s is Simply Venus III. Apparently I like Gillette who knew!  They by far leave the cleanest and smoothest shave without many nicks.
I like to exfoliate my body after shaving just to make sure I got rid of any dead skin and to prevent ingrown hairs (owch!) With The Body Shops Mango body scrub or the Glazed apple Body polish (no longer available) They leave your skin undeniably soft and smooth and smell soooooo yummmy!

My hair is colored and almost always is with some kind of ‘odd color’ At the moment it is Blue. Throughout the years I have tried many dyes, from Crazy Color to Live, but when I read someones blog suggesting La Riché I had to give it a go. Im glad I did! Its all natural ingredients so you can leave it on your hair for a day if you want without damaging your hair, on average the color lasts for about a month or so then you have to top up but that is by far the longest and most vibrant my hair has been.
Because of all the coloring that I have done to my hair, I need some helpful shampoo and conditioner.
I have gone for Argan oil and Shea butter shampoo, It makes my hair silky smooth and seems to be restoring some of the damage. The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is the best conditioner ever! Does almost the same thing that a coconut mask would do, my hair doesn’t tangle quite as bad as it used to and it smells good!
Ok so after all that, its time to get out and moisturize these are my favorite products to use.
For body and face.


So the Aveeno range is amazing! It has all natural ingredients and is really soothing for sensitive skin like mine, I cant tell you which products to get from that range because I haven’t tried them all yet but as far as I can tell they are all good!
Shea Butter – I cannot recommend this enough, you know what you are getting, it moisturizes, it’s got no chemicals etc all you do is warm it up in your hands or melt it a bit and there you go, rub it in.
Then there is Aloe vera gel for when my skin really feels dry or I have a burn.
If my skin is feeling ok and not to dry and I want to feel sexy and smell good! Then the body shop body butter ranges are sooooo gooooood! I have all of the flavors pictured above, don’t ask me to pick my favorite because I love them all.

On to the makeup!

Moisturize and Prime.
Before you really start you need to make sure that your face is moisturized, so if you haven’t gone through the process above then skip to this part. I use the Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules (no longer available) or moisturizer. Followed by primer, I use Baby Skin from Maybelline, To be honest I forget about using it usually, but if its a big night out then I make sure to remember.

If its just a normal day then I use these two.
Maybelline eraser eye concealer and the Skin Food – Salmon dark circle concealer cream They are the best for covering up my dark circles under my eyes.
If I’m in the finicky mood then these are also good W7 Go range, I can’t find a website so go onto amazon.
The green is to be put on any red marks/spots before foundation. The blue/purple is for dark circles under eyes.

Personal tip – I don’t really know much about makeup, only trial and error. The thing I have found most helpful though is a brown/bronze lipstick, which sometimes I use for my under eyes instead of concealer (obviously before foundation) also I use it on my lips – It looks pretty and fresh.

Ok so sometimes my skin is an absolute NIGHTMARE! I put this is block capitals for emphasis!
When I get stressed out, I break out! Since I seem to be stressed most of my life it seems I have spots all of a sudden. (I never had spots as a child/teen but now, as an adult!)  I scoured the market, read all the articles about acne prone skin, and found out about Clinique’s Anti Blemish Foundation. Its a very light weight foundation, meaning it never looks like you’ve got much on, it also has salicylic acid which helps spots from spreading and tends to calm them down so a win win really but at the price of almost £30 its a bit steep.
However because it is so lightweight you can often see the redness of the spots or the dark eye bags through it so when this happens I use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse.
Ok so the Mousse is probably the best foundation I have EVER used! It covers smoothly, you also don’t need to use that much to cover the whole face. Its also the closest in color to my own skin, I am very pale and seem to have more of a greenish tint to my tone, rather than the usual yellow or pink. Which means that most foundations look bloody awful on me, I either look orange or look really yellow. There is a huge range and its very affordable, I have recommended it to friends, family and suggested it to him as a makeup artist, in the past so I think that proves it.

Setting Spray

After you have concealed and foundationed (I know its not a word but lets go with it!) you can set it all with Elf’s Makeup Setting Mist, It sets your makeup but is also refreshing! Just make sure you don’t have any other makeup because after a spray it will run and you will look like The Crow.

Then on we go to the Rimmel Eyebrow pencil, you can get various colors to suit your hair ( I go for the medium)
I have billions upon billions of different eye shadows, however these tend to be the two I reach for the most.
The neutral palette for everyday use – the bottom picture – Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Palette.
You can make it dramatic with the silver and black or calm it down with brown etc. There are 9 different colors, ranging between cream, dark and medium and theres even a helpful little picture leaflet with it to show you where to place each color.
Then there is the Makeup Revolution – Give Them Nightmares – the upper picture. Its no longer available but there are plenty more to be bought. I got this palette in Superdrug at Halloween and with a funky picture of wolves eyes and full moon,  I was already sold. There are 18 colors all named creepy things and there are so many good colors to use, some are Matte and some are Shimmer they go on vibrantly and stay.
To put all this eyeshadow on I use Lydia’s Makeup Brushes, There is such a variation in each of the brushes and they don’t shred like most others. There are also a bunch of foundation brushes which I also use to contour etc.
On a night or day out there are two different eye liners that I use. For a longer look and eyeliner that really stays! (Its hard to get off with makeup remover) Use Maybelline Lasting Gel Liner It comes with a small brush to apply. Its waterproof, goes on strong and honestly I couldn’t recommend it enough. I tend to put that on my inner eye so even if they water it wont leak or smudge.
On the outer line of the eye or for smudginess I go for the Rimmel Soft Kohl Liner. Make sure to smudge it and set it, because it does end up smudging on its own and often gives you the ‘I fell asleep with my makeup on and now its smudged’ Look.
I have no favorite out of this lot but I do use The Colossal Volum the most, I feel it goes on better and makes my eyelashes “WOW’
The Rocket Voum is good for waterproof.
Great Lash for the under eye lashes and for the more natural look recommended to me by him.
There is also the Sun Shimmer Bronzer by Rimmel, I tend to just drag this across my cheeks quickly if Im feeling very pale.
I don’t usually use Lipstick so instead I tend to use Flavored Lip Balm again from the Body Shop, It smells nice, doesn’t smudge and gives my lips a nice smell.
After all that work with your makeup it would be a shame to ruin the look with awful nails.
I use the Body Shops hand and nail kits, The Soft Hands Kind Heart Cream, The Nail Shaping Kit and The Polisher.
Then for the color itself
I use Barry M Magnetic Polish Which leaves a funky pattern once set.
 Maybelline’s color show for that solid Black
Barry M’s Nail art Pen
To remove it all, I use Superdrug’s Nail Polish Remover – Careful to use the nourishing one and the acetone free.
Then of course to finish it all up there is fragrance, These are my top.
Vera Wang Princess for a vanilla/sweet smell thats not to sickly
DKNY Delicious for a more citrus smell.
Victoria Secret – Body spray/Perfume you smell like Mango
Body Shop Perfume you can smell as yummy as the fruit they are made to smell like
At the end of all that partying, you’ll want to take off all that makeup. So depending on how detailed your makeup was/is there are two different ways of taking it off.
My first way is for the average day I use Baby Lotion, I smother it all over my face and because its isn’t soap or harmful it means I can rub it on my eyes/lashes to really get rid of the liner. I can then get rid of that smudgy black/grey etc that has smeared all over my face with baby wipes. I say baby wipes and baby lotion because they really are the best for sensitive skin and the cheapest too.
To follow all of that up, I use Simple’s Cleanser and Toner with some Cotton Pads.
Following this go back to the top and see the moisturizing section.
Alternative Method
If you have done a full makeup job – I think such as Halloween or days when you just really want more of a full clean. I use a mix of Castor Oil (1 part) and Sweet Almond Oil (2 Part) Smother my face with the mixture. Massage it in then leave it for a little bit. Then after 2 mins or so, get a hot cloth and put it on your face to open up your pores then remove the oil thoroughly (other wise you may break out) I found this method on youtube – The link will take you to the video and will give you a more detailed way of using this method.
So I think that about sums it up.

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