TV Shows (N-Z)


Part Two of our complete list of TV shows (that we have watched together over the years).
So here we go with letters N to Z…


Her: It was a very interesting look at therapy and the range of different problems that different people face thought life. It had fun elements and heavy sports storyline. 
Him: No therapist or psychiatrist in real life is this pro active or has such a range of clients which is a shame! It would be good to have such a skilled and caring therapist.


Her: Although I really really wanted to like this (I really like Maggie Q) It was just lacking something. It was ok but got very samey samey and after about 4 episodes we stopped.

Him: I think she said it all minus the Maggie Q thing.

Her: There are so many, many, many plot holes its untrue! However I love the cast, there are so many beautiful women, sexy accents and not bad costumes either. 
Him: I really tried with this, I watched a season and a half but it never really grabbed me. I may go back to it at some point though. The fairy tale costumes were the most appealing part of the whole thing.  
Her: It was ok, it was another one of those 20 min shows but a good way to pass the time. The main girl was pretty and how can you forget the many different Canadianisms.
Him:  Bootch this is not bad and had a pretty girl in it.
Her: When I first heard of this show, I was skeptical however now I have seen it I love it! There isn’t much not to love. A great cast! Great storylines! Great Villains to hate. Its just such a diverse show that deals with so many issues important the criminal element. 
Him: We binged watched the first season of this. I think Orange coined the phrase ‘binge watch’ so many people seemed to watch seasons over the course of a weekend. Its one of those shows that you end up discussing who you like, who you hate, what you think is going to happen, who is going to stab so and so in the back etc. Watch it!
Her: Again I think this was another one of these shows we binge watched. So many new and different characters and almost all of them the same actor, you end up watching the body language and mannerisms to work out which clone she is (It is not always clear i.e. Alison pretending to be Cosima) Season 3 wasn’t the best as they kinda ruined it with the male clones, he (Ari Millen) was no where near as good at changing characters to create new and diverse clones. Plus for the story line it should have been Felix who was the clone (who wouldn’t want multiple Jordan Gavaris)
Him: Ok Tatiana Maslany is so good at being different versions of herself (clones) that we refer to the characters as if they were portrayed by different actors. She likes Cosima whereas I love Alison with her prim and proper ways and her killing style! Helena with her ‘brother sestra’ which has now become one of our short hand terms.   
Her: It started out promising and had some odd moments where it picked up and was quite a good episode however those moments were too far apart to actually make for a good show. 
Him: Good concept but it lacked something. It tried to make up for it with the nudity mainly Eva Green’s Insistence on being naked at all times (Thats not something I needed to see) In the end we gave up after one season.
Her: It was interesting to start with but when it got to a house exploding and them all surviving it became stupid! 
Him: It is another one of the detective and special ability assistant shows and it was good but it just became the same thing every episode. The case would start, he would see a hallucination that would help him solve the case, the end whoopie!  
Her: With the constant “A will be revealed at the end of this season”, being brandished on screen all the time, only to once again leave us with no answers, no closer to the identity of ‘A’ and even more ridiculous plot holes, it became too much to suffer and we quit.
Him: A group of pretty girls with incredible style (Who dresses that well for school?) get harassed by a unknown idiot set on destroying their lives. This was a little too close to home for us and in the end it just got too silly and they seemed to forget the previous season storylines and so it made no sense. 
Her: She (Nicole Andersson) was a ghost and the kids in the town happened to be able to see her, plus she and Tyler Blackburn’s character were reincarnated lovers – this was so not needed to propel the story forward -. The whole idea was rather vague and unexplained fully. Plus the mortician was not scary in the slightest.
Him: This spin-off of Pretty Little Liars started off well enough, the pretty Nicole Gail Andersson tried to make sense of the strange town of Ravenswood, but once again the writers soon forgot what happened previously and we were left with plot holes so big you could skid a freight train sideway through them. It got dropped so thankfully it saved us having to watch any more.
Her: It started out good, you know girl comes into a load of money, gets revenge for her father’s death and kills, maims and ruins lots of lives in the process, then it just silly and went off on needless tangents, that it became better to bang your head against a wall than to watch this show.
Him: I only managed two seasons and gave up at the start of the third. It started off fine, but it just became like General Hospital with the incestuous story lines that unravelled so fast it could have been Pretty Little Liars all over again.
Her: I liked the idea of it, but it god boring very quickly and I didn’t really care about any of the characters as they were so unlikable.
Him: The concept was interesting but why was it called Revolution? It was more a society starting again from scratch, Those with the most things were in control.


 Rizzoli and Isles

Her: I’m not really sure what to say about this, Its a normal cop show but I like both the leading ladies  and its not trying too hard.
Him: Oh look it is a detective with a special ability side kick, it wasn’t anything special or unique. I gave up.


Her: I originally started watching this because I knew Daniel Gillies was in it and I am so, so happy I did! I really like it! One of the best medical dramas I have ever seen. It has a different take on the medicine genre that has been done to death with ghosts and what not. There are also so many lovable characters its just an all rounder. 
Him: When it first started off I thought it was going to Grey’s Anatomy all over again but we soon got the ghost element which opened a whole new door and became something quite different. It continued  without becoming too samey samey we did think it had been dropped but thankfully it didn’t Plus I love the lense flare.

Her: She’s so pwetty! (BTK) We have already written a review for this, so really you should go read that (link). But in short I like that the TV show has more time to invest in developing the characters and getting more involved in the story than you could in a film.
Him: Scream the original movie was great, it really changed the way h I like the horror films played out and the TV show tries to do that for Horror TV. Whether it succeeds or not is questionable, but it still works really well, you do spend the days leading up to the next episode questioning every aspect of the plot. For more details see our review of the first series.

Her: Thomas Dekker pouting, Britt Robertson screaming, Phoebe Tonkins flirting and shimmying, Shelley Hennig flashing her boobs any chance she could and Jessica Parker Kennedy bing cute and little. I’m not sure I remember the plot line, I’m sure Britt Robertson was trying to find her dad (Which isn’t a shocker everything she is ever in she’s an orphan, but more on that in another post at some time I’m sure!) Other than that we enjoyed it and we were sad to see it go.

Him: Shellllllley Preeeeetty Shelley. As you will have seen from my top women of 2015 Ms. Hennig is a firm favourite of mine and Ms. Tonkins isn’t half bad either, come to that Robertson and Kennedy aren’t painful on the eye either, so I could suffer Mr. Dekker pouting if it meant seeing Shelley’s blouse button popping every episode. Why did this get this get cancelled, it was actually really good and actual had a series plot.

Her: It’s like who did it all the way through and how many way can the lead guy incriminate himself?  Other than that she was soo annoying (Juliet Lewis) How did he not punch her?
Him: I am not a fan of Juliet Lewis Having met her once and she was dumb as a box of frogs and in this she was just outright annoying. Other than that it really got you worked up and I pretty much binge watched the first series. Hopefully the second series will be just as good and her character dies a horrible, slow death!!

Her: I didn’t get most of the jokes to be honest, but it was a good way to waste half an hour at a time. I just wish there was more music.
Him: See review for more details, but the short version is, Dennis Leary is funny, but he needed more of his stand up type rants.
Her: Maxxie! He was pretty! Season one was good, it was like a generation thing, everyone wanted to have a Skins party. I never bothered with season two, it was like season one did it and two was just the ‘hanger on’.
Him: Apparently there are seven series of this. I watched the first generation and the second, the rest I have never heard about, I am confused. I like the first season and I watch the second, then followed the third and then I think it stopped or some how I lost track of it. My favourite was always Emily (Kathryn Prescott, she was soo cute)

Her: Oh yes Betsy Johnson! The first season was ok, the second mmh! Third season, why am I still watching this?
Him:  Oh look a Police woman and a sidekick with a special ability! this time taking the Tim Burton film and reworking it. Icobod Crane (Great name) is a dead scholar and soldier for the time of the American Independence war brought back to life today, to fight demons. Mostly I just want his wardrobe (the clothes, not the furniture!)
Her: It’s a good show and it brings to the attention the archetypal Stalkers in todays society, it doesn’t belittle the victims and brings attention to the fact that these situations are real and happen to everybody and anybody. Not just celebrities. However this is in the USA where stalking is a REAL crime which is investigated fully and the penalties are fair and very real! However we are stuck in the UK who’s only response is ‘that only happens in James Bond movies’ (You can see this is an issue see the full entry soon) 
Him: Yeah what else can I say after that? well I don’t like the main guy (Dylan McDermott) and I’m not a massive fan or her (Maggie Q). 
Her: Pretty tattoos – I want all of Drake’s tattoos. It was a good show but I didn’t relate to either Aimee Teegarden or Matt Lanter’s characters, I wanted more or the secondary characters to be highlighted. 
Him: Louise Lombard is in this, but she doesn’t look too good. Aimee Teegarden however looks really cute. Of course this is supposed to be Romeo and Juliet updated, but it lost a lot in translation.

Her: Spagetti Scagliotti, yeah she is pretty! It’s kind of like iZombie (and they must have got that because of the zombie references in season two). 
Him: Kirsten irritated me in the first season with the lack of emotion thing, the start of season two has addressed this somewhat and she is already more appealing. I like it, it’s just a little austere at times.

Her: It takes soo many breaks, (as in it’s on for a week and off for three weeks). Because of these break I am struggling to follow the on going storyline. that said I like that this woman are as Super as Superman himself.

Him: It’s fun and it’s certainly better than Superman the TV show and lets not even mention Smallville. 

Her: Gone it’s gone a loong way since season one, I still think it’s good. I don’t think it can go on much longer though without it becoming tiresome. I like all the characters and I like that you return to old ones to find out what happened to them (even characters that were only in one episode).
I think it is worth a watch if your into the whole horror/ghost/vampire etc thing, Plus the bloopers are well worth it! Also if I’m being honest, How can you resist the Winchesters (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) Oh and also the music isn’t bad either.
Him: I gave up after a few seasons because it came so predictable, Dean dies, Sam goes crazy, next season, Sam dies…
Castiel is God!!

Her: Dylan O’Brien is soo adorkable?!  I have watched it from the very first episode and I still love it! I sit here and explain the storylines to him because he was too stubborn to watch it!  Still there are so many storylines that carry on from season to season so never fear if one doesn’t get wrapped up in that season it will resurface to be resolved in time.

Him: Malia!! OK I’ve only watched the last season, because I tried season one and didn’t like it, it was stupid, everything ended up culminating in a fight in the school, how come, is this the same school Buffy went to? But I started watching this season because Shelley Hennig is in it and that is a good enough reason for me!  

Her: I love, love, love this show! I don’t care about the LGBTQ problems, It needed to happen to find out about the AI side of things. I don’t care about the POC side line so many people have died in this show that it doesn’t matter what color or what religion they are( why you have to make a big deal of this is beyond me)! This show has grown so much over the duration ( seriously look back at the first episode)  that some of the characters are unrecognisable from the beginning! Kudos to the brilliant actors in this show! There are problematic storylines, complex issues and there is a scifi element in there too. If all of that isn’t enough just watch for the brilliant cast and crew, the wardrobe and acting that is spot on!  Just to add because I didn’t before but I love the Blakes! Plus please please please leave the actors alone they have a job and they do it well so shhh!
Him: This is a great concept, but there are issues, it doesn’t need the adults, why did’n’t they just burn up in space and leave the 100 kids to fend for themselves. All it achieved was a lot of annoying idiots – Jaha, Pike, Abbey and Kane and all the rest who seem to think that because they are older they are wiser and a teenager has no idea how to do anything.

Her: I watch this sporadicly so forgive me if I am not all up to date but for the most part its a fun watch. 
Him: One of my favourite shows from recent years. What I like in a comedy show is when you can have serious moments or when you can end the show on a serious moment. BBT does this, it also has incredibly geeky humour. Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.

Her: Good show! So much better than the adult version (Sex in the city) His smile is soooo annoying! It really was a shame that this got cancelled.
Him: I am just going to ditto what she said.

Her: The first season dragged! It has some intriguing concepts but doesn’t seem to have done much with what it has been given. However I am still watching, currently on season two and trying to ignore the fact that Well’s is somehow alive Again(rolls eyes) but yeah Ill stick with it for a while.
Him: BERRY Allen, Even he can’t say his own name! It dragged on for too long without really ever get going, that I gave up, she gives me updates now which is far now entertaining.  

Her: His hair is sooooo pretty! I love the fact it is a lesbian/biracial couple adopting and making a home and family for themselves. However the main girl errgg she was annoying. 
Him:  I found the black (mix race whatever) mum soo annoying, I could suffer the main girl more than the mum, But it just fell off our radar and we never went back to it after the first season.

Her: It was okay but nothing outstanding.
Him: It was supposed to have someone in it, but I never saw them. It was funny in a kind of retrospective kind of way, but nothing special.

Her: In all honesty I couldn’t stand him! Everything else about this show seemed promising, the psychology the sexual experiments but it just didn’t live up the hype or the storyline. Perhaps I created for myself (get your head out of the gutter) I wish there was more to say but sadly I cannot think..
Him:  Good first season, second season was irritating and he was just too darn annoying to suffer.

Her: It was fine until the god jargon walked in.
Him: Oh this, yeah well I watch one and a half episodes, does that tell you what I thought?

Her: I grew up watching this show! I love it! Oh Seth Cohen and then in later seasons Alexis wow she was soooo pretty its a shame that she was not carried along.  However the first few seasons were great , I still own them on DVD. Oh and who can forget Summer in the wonder woman outfit? Now that was a Wow!
Him: I watched this religiously every Monday night, I liked Seth, because he was awkward and geeky, Summer was cute/pretty. Melissa was tall sexy and stylish and Ryan wore a vest, all the bloody time -wwwwwhy! Julie Cooper was cute and will always be Julie Cooper!

Her: Why is this still going? OK fine it has more of a storyline than vampire diaries but really? Klaus does something to piss a whole bunch of vampires off all hell breaks loose and the whole family is dragged in but who cares if someone is killed they wont actually die! I’m not convinced, 
Him: I gave up after one season, it was too much like TVD and that was annoying enough. 

Her: I must admit I was watching it for Sophie Lowe, it was ok but again it got cancelled and I’m not sure I was that fussed to see it go.
Him: Slow and serious, but it was ok. It just needed a bit more punch or the Coen Brothers

Her: Have you ever wanted to shoot yourself due to bad acting? If no watch this show! The acting is beyond abysmal in fact how did any of them get work after? 
Him:  Over acted and Shailiene Woodley being very annoying.

Her: Time traveller’s go back and forth in time to try and find more people like them to fight against the government trying to use them. I’m sure its not original and its not the best version it could be which is kind of a let down but it has happened it did get cancelled and thats the end. However look out for a cameo from Luvia Petersen in one of the episodes. 

Him: I don’t remember this, apart from some people in an underground club that jumped about to different places in time, it was boring. 

Her: Why oh Why is this still on? It should have ended when most of the cast had left perhaps? Or maybe when the storylines ran out, which was what? Two or three seasons ago?
Him: Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola, plus Nina Dobrev and then they added Nina Dobrev, that was the highlights for me Kat Graham’s constipated face every time she cast a spell was of course priceless and Arielle Kebbel was in it for about two episodes. ND is like Tatiana Maslany is so much as Elaina and Katherine were so different that you could tell the difference just by their walk or how they stood. But I gave up three season ago and can’t believe it is still going.

Her: We must be the only people that do not get this. My god it was soo long and boring and that was just the first episode. I can imagine trying to watch a whole season, please shoot me now.
Him: Somehow I managed to get through six episodes of this when it first came out. I then re-watched the first episode with Her. I can honestly say I would prefer to get some rusty nails and hammer them in to my own eye sockets! It was soooo boooorrrriiiiinnnnggggg! Why this is a huge thing I have no idea. Don’t get it!

Her: Creepy Kids being creepy. I’m not much of a kiddy person to begin with but kids taken over by aliens (yuck) I was intrigued by what was going on but the storylines never really picked up and were just barely broached just incase they got dropped (I’m guessing) 
Him: They could have come up with a better name for the alien than ‘Drill’ Its almost as bad as Super Girl with ‘John Jones’. Some of the kids were annoying for the most part however there was Minx and Harper, who showed the most promise as actors. 

Her:Watched it for a few but it was very similar to Warehouse 13 so we gave up. 
Him: I had seen this when it first came out and watched a few. I think we watched a season and it just fell off the radar.


Her: This was another show that we binge watched and then caught up. We watched all of the seasons which is surprising for us. Though it still had a bad porno vibe from time to time, it was actually really good. There was no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ all the characters had a mixture of both. There was blood, sex and humor what more could you want? 
Him: This was an epic for us, we binge watched the first few season’s and is one of those shows that has become a huge reference point between us. ‘Soookkieee’ and Jason’s theory on ‘Jesus was a vampire’ has to be true!

Her: For the most part I liked this show. That being said it was long and did drag. I think it was a bit too slow and took too long to get there.
Him: We watched the first season. It was very slow but unlike some other things, it wasn’t boring. It is well worth a watch and maybe the directors of The Walking Dead could take note.

Her: I’m so glad I gave this a chance. It was surprisingly really good. Its a show about a reality show (The Bachelor  type deal)  and what goes on behind the scenes with the cast and crew. It had all the drama you could have asked for and it ended in such a way that you really want to know whats going to happen in season 2! Go watch it!
Him: This has changed our way of watching reality TV (not that we watch much of that) We now watch The Amazing Race with fresh eyes and know who the directors want in and who out. Its a real insight.

Her: Oh Brit Robertson can scream! and guess what else she can do… she can look for her parents!  The first season was promising but it got to ridiculous! season two was a joke! Oh and did you know Juniors mum was an artist? (was she like 2?)
Him: Brit Robertson without parents (again? What a surprise) Juniors Mum, who told her she could paint? draw? and she was an art teacher!?! Why didn’t someone shoot Juniors dad as soon as the show began?

Her: My favorite was always Backup followed quickly by Weevel. I really liked this show, the private detective and his daughter solve crimes. Also when one storyline stopped it didn’t seem to contrived to pick up another one. The only problem I had was I couldn’t stand Logan (ergggggg) I don’t get it!
Him: It was good, it had that principal of ‘ Bad luck just follows some people’ and clearly the Mars’ family were cursed with this. 

Her: Another Nickelodeon show, so you know its good for a watch when your not doing much. That being said there was some good songs and you could if you so desired, almost ignore Victoria Justice and just focus on Elizabeth Gillies. 
Him: Yay Kat! Back when Arianna Grande was cute, little and squeaky, rather than annoying, small and squeaky and she could actually articulate back then.

Her: We watched all the way through to the last episode. It was good in a cheesy not to be taken to seriously way. Plus it has Alison Scagliotti in it so why wouldn’t you watch it?
Him: This is silly! Out rightly, but you do need silly every now and then other wise the serious has nothing to stand against. I’m not sure what else to say….

Her: Oh so many covers of such a stupid sucky song! Oh that was the second worse title song I have ever heard! Season one was good but then as it went on you realized all the seasons were the same storyline over and over just with different secondary characters.

Him: ‘Little boxes on the hill side lalalallalalalalalla’ Much like the last show, it was mad and silly but mildly fascinating. 

Her: It was ok. There isn’t much I can go into with this show. It was another cop with a special ability partner. We gave up on season three I think?
Him: Who told him he could wear a stupid hat? He doesn’t look good in a suit and tie either. It has Tiffany-Amber Thiessen that was the highlight of the show, she is sooo pretttyy! However what was with her being ‘away’ and being badly green screened! It was the worst CGI scenes possibly out of this entire list. 

Her: Oh Jenna Dewan Tatum, that was the only real reason to watch this show. It has darkness and witch craft but for the most part its just a bunch of pretty women being pretty.

Him:  I can’t remember anything about this. Jenna Dewan Tatum was in it and two really annoying brothers, it also had a pretty red head in it. The story was lacking and thats probably why I can’t remember a thing.

Her: This was a random one, however I thought the storyline was compelling and I really did want to know what happened. In certain episodes it did seem a bit like filler though.
Him: This was good! Convoluted and kept you guessing. It had Cappy (Greek) in it and her (Carmen Ejogo) 

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