His Top 100 Women

His Top 100 Women

It’s that time of year again folks, 2016 is almost over and with that comes our round up of the sexiest women of the year. Since we did the round up of 2015 we have marked the ups and downs from then and also marked the new entries.

       First up is Her top 50 Men, Then His Top 100 Women and then Her top 100 Women.
You can also check out last years Top 100 Men and Top 100 Women.


Top 10

10. Cassadee Pope – Singer.

The former lead singer of Hey Monday, who re invented herself by winning The Voice and becoming a country singer. This year she has employed a stylist and hit the gym thus making one of my all time favourites even sexier.

Last Year 40

9. Mosh – Model.
This Pin up and Burlesque Dancer/Model has been a mainstay in my top favourite people for many years. She continues to be an iconic beauty.
Last Year 10

8. Kathryn Prescott – Actor in 24 Legacy.

Former Skins actress has gone to America to become Carter (In Finding Carter) and still is incredibly cute and stylish and has remained at her place at number 8 on this list for the second year in a row.

Last Year 8

7. Emma Watson – UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Ms. Watson has been mostly missing from our screens this year. Only appearing to give speeches that didn’t make any sense and leading generic feminist book clubs, for this reason she has dropped down a bit in the top 10.

Last Year 2

6. Jessica Stroup – Actor in Jack Reacher.

Jessica was a lowly 29 last year, mainly because she hadn’t been in anything – well she had but I hadn’t seen The Following until this year, then I watched and thought ‘oh yeah, she’s pretty’ and so she made the big jump to number 6 this year.
Last Year 29

5. Ashley Benson – Actor in Pretty Little Liars.
Ashley has remained a non-mover in this years Top 10 because of her style and some very sexy photoshoot and a lot of great Instagram pictures.
Last Year 5

4. Kendall Jenner – Model.
This stunning model has gone from strength to strength over 2016, starring the Victoria’s Secret show earlier this month.
Last Year 6

3. Shelley Hennig – Actor In Teen Wolf.

Ms. Hennig is a strange one, her Instagram is filled with her interviewing a lamppost and dancing improv dance routines, that are unique to say the least, but she is still gorgeous and wonderfully weird.
Last Year 4

2. Kimberley Garner – Fashion Designer.

This Swimwear Designer from London is making big waves in LA now, which is great for her, but means we see less of her in the UK these days, at least there are the never ending supply of bikini photoshoots and premieres to keep us entertained.
Last Year 3


1. Taylor Swift – Singer.
Taylor Alison Swift has had a busy year, making friends and breaking records, we saw her with the new additions to her gang on the 4th July and now there is a dedicated TV Station all about her. She has been very quiet of late. I suspect she may actually be pregnant (Just my suspicions).
Last Year 1

So that was my perfect list, there were people that didn’t make it because there are just so many beautiful women in the world, don’t you agree? 

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