Review Of 2016


We Migrated to Blogger this year but we are missing the simplicity and the controllability of WordPress. So we figured we should give it a second go, we would like to hear your feedback.

To be honest 2016 has been a train wreck of a year! There has been Numerous Celebrity Deaths, there was Brexit, Trump, The Kardashians and Beyonce ruling the world and more Idiots than we can handle!

With the bad comes the good though and here is where we can sum up some of the good of this year!

[Spoiler Alert]


We do watch an awful lot of TV shows over the course of a year and though we are still watching on going series, these are some of the 2016 released or just the binge watched of this year.


Her:   I have never seen the film, but the trailer drew me in to begin with. I really liked this series! Of course I didn’t like the humans much but the story kept me guessing and kept me interested throughout.

Him:   I was skeptical about the remake of the film, but the 10 part series was enthralling and a treat to watch, It twisted and turned like a fish in a barrel, constantly catching you out every time you thought you had guessed what was going to happen next.

Stranger Things

Her:   I’m not usually one of those people that listen to the hype but on this I am glad I did! From the very first episode I was sucked in and didn’t want to stop watching. There was some freaky parts and it really did have a goonies type vibe but wow those kids can act!

Him:   This is one of those shows that hooks you the moment it starts and it doesn’t let go. The kids are brilliant and real class actors. I have always like Winona Ryder and to see her return to former glory is a treat. I just don’t get the big deal about Barb and her stupid glasses!


The Following

Her:   He had watched this long before I started and he kept talking about it. I am glad he introduced me to it. The first season seemed to have more direction and more character development. The second season seemed to loose its way. Then the third season seemed a bit of a mess too. There are some dynamics that I enjoyed, Some characters that I really liked and some I really didn’t (cough – box man) For the most part I enjoyed that we were seeing both the serial killers and the polices sides of the story which showed that there was no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ there was a real mix. I agree with him though Joe and Ryan errrggg The lovey dovey kissy faces throughout blerg! Plus how was Joe charming?

Him:   I watched this because Jessica Stroup was in it and really liked it, but also it irritated me, I just couldn’t figure out quite what it was. Only when She started to watch it and she worked out the love affair between Joe and Ryan did it become clear.

It was a bit sloppy and soppy throughout.



Her:   I really liked this show! I seem to like baseball movies and obviously a tv show is no exception. I also like Kylie Bunbury which is obviously going to boost my interest. I like that throughout the show it seemed to touch on issues that were going on within the sporting world.

Him:   This was an interesting concept and it was very polished and a lot of money spent on the show, but it became a bit flat within a few episodes.



Her:   I’m not going to say this is an amazing show, however its ok. Kinda funny at times and the second season has defiantly improved as it seems to have got a direction.


Gilmore Girls

Her:   This year we watched the whole of Gilmore Girls again, I can say its one of those shows that never gets old, no matter how many times you watch it. It has all the elements you look for in a good show, comedy, romance, drama and constantly evolving characters. Throughout the series we played the reference game, (how many we got or have yet to see or watch, etc) Then later this year the Year in the Life came out. Most if not all the characters you know and love are back, though some of the episodes seemed a little lacking it wasn’t bad. It’s nice to return to some of the good old back and forth banter that we miss. Plus Coffee!

Him:   I loved Gilmore Girls and Lorelei is close to my ideal woman, maybe a little too OTT, but the pace and the humour is just as funny in the new four-parter as it ever was and we watched the whole 7 series and then the new episodes throughout this year.


Her:   Im not a huge cartoon fan, however I am a Bex fan so I gave Voltron a try. I am still watching and looking forward to season 2 which is coming back soon. Its cool, the animals and themes are interesting and new in my opinion. Of course there is some silly bits but what animated show wouldn’t have them?


Dark Matter

Her:  Don’t get me wrong, I like Dark Matter I just feel at times it keeps the same story line playing over and over again. Though in saying that season 2 did change it up, it was different and with some new characters there were some new dynamics. Plus more Android YAY!

Him:   I really like DM it’s so simple and the 2nd series has kept a lot of what made the 1st series so unique. It is well worth watching.


No Tomorrow

Her:   This has moments of being outright cringe worthy, I like the idea, I like some of the characters. I just feel like its overplayed to the point of being ridiculous. I will probably finish season 1 but wont be returning for season 2. 

Him:   This is OK if a bit silly. The idea is there it just has some odd storylines and some really strange bits.



Him:   I watched five episodes and gave up, it wasn’t bad, but the problem was that it was trying too hard to be vague, jumping back and forth across the timeline just to not reveal something that all the students clearly knew didn’t help the storyline.



Him:   I got to episode 9 and then just gave up, it’s one of those shows that is clearly trying to extend on the off chance they can get a second season and so it is dragging out the story beyond the logic.

Orange is the New Black

Her: I thought this season was very controversial, not only did it broach onto topics that are very relevant now. It also became that much more twisted, some of those new guards eeeggghhh. You had some more inmates introduced and we got some more back stories and obviously the characters you loved returned. There was a heart breaking moment (not spoiling it) which was followed by a very cool back story and a triumphant cliff hanger close to this season. 

Him:   I agree with Her. I do wish there was more backstories. but in all it is quite fascinating and well worth watching, even if you do sit there screaming at the screen irritated at what people are doing. And yes I still like Piper – at time she is bloody annoying, but she has her moments.


Her:   Motive does stand out in an ever flowing police drama, NCIS type genre. With the whole plot working around the motives of murder you find yourself intrigued.

Him:  Back for a fourth season, this Why Dunnit is clever and changes and keeps the ideas going. Worth a visit if you watched the previous seasons.


Game of Thrones

Her:   Poor Hodor! Honestly I am having trouble remembering alot of this season, We lost Tyrelle’s, all except the grandmother. For some reason we still have Jon (blerg) I liked all the Wildlings and of course Dani and her armies however I would have loved to see more of the tree people. I agree with him though for the sheer fact that things happened in every episode, like they have finally realized they cannot drag it out again like season 4. 

Him:   Finally we are getting answers because the series writers have passed GRRM’s writing and started to tie up loose ends and not keep dragging them out hoping for another book deal.


Black Mirror


Her:   I found this show because it was so heavily talked about. Every episode is contained to itself, so you can watch just the ones that you find interesting or have people in that you like. This was a show that continuously kept you guessing and kept your brain active, thinking about the situations that you were watching play out. Plus San Junipero was such a pretty and wonderful episode (awwww)

Him:   This is one of those shows I forget about until we start watching it. They are good and thought provoking, they just lack that oomph or pull to make it a ‘Can’t wait for the next one’, kind of show.

The Strain

Her:   I’m unsure of this so far, don’t get me wrong its not bad it just doesn’t seem to stick and often I loose the plot.

Him:   I’m enjoying this, again I forget about it until it’s on and then try to recall what happened. Ef’s character can be an idiot and the rat catcher is hard to understand at times and I can’t remember anyone else’s name. But the ideas are there.


Her:   I have been watching this show for ages and telling him to watch this show for ages! I like it, there have been a few episodes where it has felt like it has dragged and I really wish they would work out who Nick is going to end up with because that story line is getting very old. I feel like Trubel should be featured more but apart from that it has kept my interest.

Him:   I practically binge watched the whole of Grimm this year, practically watching 2 episodes a night. I like Bitsie and the ‘What Wesen would they be?’ Game has now taken to the streets with us, we look at rat faced men and proclaim it thus.

Orphan Black

Her:  Yay Cophine! However I felt like the season dragged a fair bit and only really got going in the last 4 episodes.

Him:   OK this gets confusing and I forget stuff that happens in this show until it comes back and then it all makes sense again. I love Tatiana Mislany and how she can be so completely different as Alison and Beth & even act as Alison pretending to be Cosima. 

Private Eyes

Her:   Oooooh Jason Priestly is soooo annooyiiingggg! Its a good enough show, he irritates me but apart from that its a entertaining show.

Him: Only watched two episodes so far after months of her suggesting I watch. It’s good and I actually don’t mind Jason Priestly in this (for the first time ever in a show). I don’t like Cindy Sampson though.



Her:   Why has this suddenly got so predictable! It seems like all the progress we made last seasons with relationships etc was completely forgotten. As soon as new characters were introduced you could work out what role they were going to play. Such as love interests which were so predictably dull in their origin and probably will remain so in the future. There were two things I did really like this season however. 1. Lena Luther is cool, I didn’t expect that there would be a Luther storyline and though the mother is predictable, Lena herself is cool. 2. Alex’s Coming out, this is not normally handled in such a lifelike and natural way, I found myself looking for the gifs/quotes straight after because it was so relatable. Oh and why is Supergirl a reporter?

Him:   The first season was good, but this year it’s lacking that special something. The alien bar is over used, if there were that many weird and wonderful aliens in Central City they would be walking down the street and everyone would see them. The lesbian coming out storyline is good as she will tell you, it’s just a shame they have to have a token gay storyline. 


The Magicians

Her:   I was a bit unsure of this for the first few episodes being that Quentin irritated me, however when I got passed that, the story was intriguing. I do want to read the book and also read the fictional ‘Fillory and Further’ books. There were some cool characters and some really dark topics that were included. We will probably re-watch season 1 before season 2 starts in late January.

Him:   I think this is my TV Show of the year, I watched the entire series in a week and really like Alicia Taylor Dudley as Alice (See Top 100) and the idea is great. I may try to read the book next year and am looking forward to the next series.



Her:   I feel like this season lost its way a bit and went on some strange storyline about her father and also the love circle of are they/aren’t they seemed repetitive and not going anywhere.

Him:   This is ok, I just find it a bit flawed and the storylines can be severely potholed at times. And is that guy Penn Badgely’s brother?!


Jessica Jones

Her:   Yay a super strong female! I like that she was a flawed Meta human, with her obvious drink problem and her bad attitude and though she had an excuse with her past with Killgrave. Killgrave was a horrible, disgusting character (though I don’t like David Tenant much anyway) Which made the plot so much more interesting as you hated him as much as the other characters. The secondary characters weren’t forgotten either, her best friend Trish is heavily featured as well as the neighbor. You also have Luke Cage who fades in and out of the series. Oh and not to forget Clair Temple the true hero of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke cage (she’s my favorite!)

Him:   I really liked this, the way it is so low key that her superpowers  almost an afterthought is so refreshing. David Tenant is also great as a really horrible bad guy. I just didn’t like Luke Cage and for him to get his own show was a disappointment to me.


Luke Cage

Her:  At first I wasn’t really sure about this one. Dillard and Cottonmouth are so unlikeable that its hard to really get involved in those scenes. Once you get past I think episode 3, it becomes compelling and intriguing, though there is some heavy issues, I think it is dealt with well. Plus what with Misty Knight and Clair Temple it’s too good too miss. 



Him:   This is strange and fun, well worth watching and filled with great music and some famous singers as the support acts.


Her:   I am only really watching this because she’s pretty. If she wasn’t in it, I probably wouldn’t bother as it seems to be slowing and loosing purpose. 

Him:  I watched three episodes of the 2nd season and gave up, it got a bit too drawn out, like they didn’t really have a real storyline for a new series.


Her:   I do like Arrow occasionally, this season has lost its oomph and Oliver really kind of irritates me. There are so many plot holes/snags and what with CW trying to join every single show together its become a bit lack-luster. However Felicity still rocks!  


The Flash

Her:   I am still watching The Flash and though the changing timelines has become a bit silly there are still some intriguing plots. I like a few of the characters and though the introduction to Tom Felton (which was a duh of who was going to be the new villain. Plus he really has a problem with people affiliated with lightning bolts!) was a bit meh, there are still some twists and turns. Just please stop with the crossovers!

Him:   Again I gave up on this. I found the storyline too repetitive and when they found the doorway to the Alternative reality it was just an excuse to rerun the same stories again with the same characters just played out the other way round.

Hemlock Grove

Her:   This is such a strange show, not only that it is very strangely acted. I am intrigued but at times confused.

Him:  I like this show a lot, but it is weird, If you haven’t seen it, think Twin Peaks with Werewolves and the idea that there may be Vampires, but you’re not sure if they are in another dimension or at the top of the White Tower!

The 100

Her:   Bellamy was mostly annoying for the first half of the series but thankfully snapped out of it and went back to being him. Clark was Clark!  I still find her annoying. Lexa was dreamy but flawed and whilst I understand peoples outrage on why she was killed, I do believe that it furthered the storyline. Octavia was one of the more interesting characters and I hope will continue her character arc next season. The annoying adults can go away. Oh and Luna, she was cool and hope to have more of her next season too. 

Him:  This is similar to Orphan Black in that I don’t remember who is who and where she is etc, until it’s on. I like this a lot it’s just the Grounders language is so stupid. Like “You go to the river and see if you can see the boat”. In Grounder is “Oy, walkie ovy wetrun lookie floatie woodie bed”.Said really fast!



Her:   Another very, very strange show. It’s a low budget, fan made series, which has some very odd episodes. It’s alright though.

Him:  OK Yeah right, odd, strange, kooky and oddball. It’s a fan made show which seems to have got sponsors so it gets longer in the 2nd season. It’s a YouTube show too. But it can’t be too bad because we are still watching well into Season 2!



Her:  I do like this show, its light and fun but thats what you want from 20 mins. 

Him:  I like Foster and Hilary duff is OK (I just see her as a right prude after her Love bomb interview), but it’s fun and quick.



Her:   This seems to be the ‘new thing’ the CB radio to the future or past in this case. Altering time and fixing past mistakes. This is a good show its almost finished its first season but I feel like its being dragged out and kinda wish something would happen!

Him:  Yes I agree with Her, it feels like they are dragging one storyline to get to the end of the season and hoping for a 2nd season. I wouldn’t be disappointed if it got dropped, but would still try it again if it came back.



Her:   Very similar to Frequency and 11.22.63, A team of three go back in time and try and stop another guy changing big events in history. Its not bad, I just get annoyed with the ‘lets not try and change much’ but yet they will shoot people.

Him:  Time travel really is this years ‘Thing’. Again not bad, but it’s flawed in the premise, if they want to eradicate this secret society, just go back to the start of it and kill everyone involved. and if that doesn’t work, go back again and again and… until it works.


Black Sails

Her:   I am confused as anything in this show. There are an awful lot of men that look the same, or have the same name and when I finally learn a name that person dies. However there are some very pretty girls that don’t just stand on the sidelines and have a lot to do with how the stories progress. I do find myself more on Vain’s side.

Him:   I like this and do spend 20 mins after each show explaining to Her who is doing what. I like John Silver and Moustache bloke (see that’s the problem, their names got lost because you name them for what you see most of the time). Oh it’s Rackham. The 2nd season is a bit dragging because there is a backstory, which could have just been played out in one episode and then gone back to the current story, rather than flashbacks all the time.



Her:   This season was sillier than last but as it got to the end, it seemed to have a purpose and start leading up to a big storyline for season 3.

Him:   This started off slower and lost itself in the middle, but as She says it seemed to get an idea and start to run with it, only hitting the hurdle the is the end of the season, hopefully they can carry on as they left off.




Her:   This season wasn’t as strong as the last one. That being said, I felt like it dealt with some very big issues, to do with race and stereotypes. Plus how bitchy people can be, and the differences between a man and a woman directing.

Him:   This was good the first season, it’s just that now we have seen it and it is the same storyline, on the same show and it may be current, but it’s trying to be as annoying as possible, it’s trying to be Chelsea Handler in a drama.


Once upon a time

Her:   Oh this has just got silly, the plot holes! the repetitive Regina storyline! I wish something else would happen.

Him:   I watched the first series, it just faded away from my radar and I never bothered anymore.


Teen Wolf

Her:   Well season 6 is the last season ever of Teen Wolf! I will miss it, this season is focused on the Wild Hunt and you are getting some characters that you have forgotten which is kinda cool. 

Him:   I’m confused! I only started watching from season five because a certain pretty/mad person was in it and now in season 6 is bringing back lots of old characters who I have no idea about. So I’m constantly asking Her “Who’s that?”




Her:  Yay Audrey! I like Scream, This season revealed the 2nd Killer which was kind of a Duh statement both me and him guessed that in season 1. I like that you got more Audrey this season and you got some of the back story of how she was involved. I look forward to season 3! Plus you had the Halloween special which was a good change of pace.

Him:  I like this I’m surprised I did, but yes it’s a clever idea, the 2nd season just lacked the gruesome deaths of the 1st series.


Her:  I really did like this, I found it interesting and gripping. I didn’t really know much about the Kennedy assassination but now I do. It was a good show and I would recommend it.

Him:   This was fascinating, but it had the same problem as Timeless, it was flawed in the idea, why not just kill Oswald when he saw him and then go back to Now and see if it worked. If not try again. I did like that the doorway back went to one time and one time only.



This year seemed to be a slow one for movies, mostly driven by Marvel comic films, these are some of the more notable.


Her:   Wow this is refreshing! There was so many references and so many digs at other Marvel movies and in places it was funny. Plus Negasonic Teenage Warhead is cool! 

Him: This film breaks the fourth wall, the golden rule of cinema and it does it so well. “Do you think I look like Ryan Reynolds?” Asks Deadpool & “That Green Lantern film was shit!” Says Ryan Reynolds. Brilliant. so much better than all those stupid Avenger movies.

Closet Monster

                      After 2 years of waiting to see this, we finally did there is a big review here.

Lost In White City 

After 3 years of waiting to see this, we finally did there is a big review here.


Her:   We watched this last night and it was good! It delved into the weird and wonderful world of fan fiction. It was also a cute romance and a journey of self discovery and sexuality.

Him:  I like the idea of Fan-Fic and Cannons, but have too many other ideas to write my own, but that said this was great, indy and so a bit flat in places, but all in all well worth the time and I am intrigued to see if Slash gets Fan-Fic!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Her: It was a bit confusing to start with, trying to work out where this fitted in amongst the other films. We concluded it’s episode 3.5. It was good to see such a range of ethnicities and no unneeded romance. Plus I liked the blind guy and his friend.  

Him: Oooo This is good. That it that’s all I really need to say. But I will add, it’s a bit confusing at the beginning (you’ll just have to watch it over and over until it makes more sense). There are no intro titles (weird) and there are some changes, the font is different (geeking out here!) I love when the cruiser crashed into the Star Destroyer above the gate, that was AMAZING!



Again we read an awful lot but here are some of the books we read and finished this year. Perhaps not new releases.

Ink Heart

Her:  It was fun! I think it was a better read of the year. There were a lot of character and therefore a lot of storylines and each character had their own quirk and flaw.

Him: Clever idea and absolutely nothing to do with what I thought it was going to be, but it was good, there were a lot of different characters, although I got confused over the descriptions, I imagined big muscular guys when they were meant to be weedy, etc.


We read most of The Lunar Chronicles all together so we did a big review earlier in the year check it out here.


Her:  I liked the fact it was about two women and no Prince Charming to save the day, plus I like the fact its one of the few LGBTQ and a Bi-Sexual lead.

Him:   Cinderella falls in love with a Hunts-woman, that’s all I remember really and all you need to know, it was quite good, but not the best book ever.


Her: I liked the dog! I agree with Him, it was more a 0.5 than a full book.

Him:   This felt like a filler story, it didn’t really need to be its own story. 

Raven Boys – The Raven King

Her:Yay! Nobody I liked died! I liked the ending to it all and I liked that it wasn’t a completely happy ending. And Woohoo! RoDam.

Him:  This was clever and strange but it didn’t go as weird as I thought it would, could or should.



Twenty one Pilots

Her: I wasn’t sure I was going to like this album or them as a band. However I really did and have had blurry face stuck in my head for the best part of a year.  The songs are catchy and there does seem to be a diverse range of genres throughout. 


Her: Fun and Danceable what more could you want? This album has some really good tracks and even if there are some that are forgettable its still going to get you moving. There are some elements of some odd pop music in there but thats a lot better than the mainstream electro that we have had all year.


We did a review earlier in the year, here

Tove Lo

We did a review earlier in the year, here


Him:   It’s ok, but nothing new or different. I honestly can’t say I have paid too much attention when I’ve played it so far.

Kings of Leon

Him: This isn’t bad, it’s very KoL and Walls is good as a track, so are the rest. Worth a listen.


We did a review earlier in the year, here.



Pokemon Go 

Her: The world went crazy for this, and though yes I did download it. I don’t get the hype and deleted it after only a few weeks. The only thing that potentially it did was make me hate being on roads on a bike as people kept just aimlessly walking out into the road to catch whatever was on their phone. I got the concept and thought that it was a good idea and still kind of like the potential, just to many people being stupid and making it unenjoyable.

Him: Didn’t play it the first time and had no intention of playing it this time round.


Well that’s a lot of stuff for one post. We hope you liked it, maybe you liked something else in2016 and we’d like to hear what your highlights were, so comment below and tell us.

Thank you for reading our posts this year and we hope you will like, follow and read the new posts throughout 2017.

Happy New Year!

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