CBD Oil Comparison and Review

We are in a lot of pain the majority of the time and we have tried a lot of things to try and relieve some of this pain. We have been given painkillers by the Doctors, Therapy for the anxiety and depression and have tried various natural remedies. So after hearing from a friend of a friends experience with CBD Oil, we thought we would give it a try. In typical fashion you cannot rely on reviews you have to try yourself so here is a comparison of the three we have tried so far.

What is CBD Oil? Well, it’s Marijuana without the fun stuff as explained below.

We have all smoked weed at some point or another and I can say that when partaking my pain and anxiety did decrease, However being that this country is not progressive Cannabis is still not legalized. Even though it has proven benefits for Cancer patients, PTSD, Depression and much much more but again that is just me moaning about the UK. 

Of course, after all of that, you also have the side effects of feeling tired, munchies and sometimes paranoia to name a few.

So CBD oil has all the painkilling properties without the THC, so no being stoned but after doing my research, (as you know I like to do) I found a study that shows CBD oil seemed to help patients with these symptoms/diseases 

Our friend was taking it for chronic pain and suggested for our various pains and mental health problems that we might find it useful. So we searched and looked through hundreds of different Brands/Strains/Methods of consumption/Mg or Percentage/ Strength or Size of the Bottle. 

So I settled on these products because they haven’t got Nicotine. 

Two of these are Tinctures – Which means to put two drops under the tongue and leave it there to better absorb into the bloodstream.

Just to add I have never been a smoker, a Nicotine allergy put pay to passed around joints and any desire for cigarettes, so, for the most part, I’m still more a novice than most when it comes to cannabis (the smoking of it, that is!)

first one I tried was ECig Lounge – Blueberry Flavor at a 400mg in 10 ml bottle which was bought from Amazon – It was rated the highest out of the Tinctures. 

The taste was actually surprisingly nice, I was expecting an earthy blueberry but it was actually pretty sweet and quite tasty. It did seem to dull some of the pain but not enough to not need painkillers on top. I can say that I felt more relaxed and probably did sleep better though. However for the price – £24.99 the bottle wasn’t even filled in fact it was only just above the 3/4 line which was more than just a little disappointing. The whole bottle barely lasted a few weeks.

It wasn’t too strong a taste, it could have been stronger, but as for the dulling of pain, well it wasn’t so strong, it seemed to do something but nowhere near enough, if taking lots more drops would have solved the problem, I guess you’d have to take about 10-15 each time instead of 2-3 that were suggested. So not really worth it.

Next up is the CBD Brothers Green Edition – 2000mg – 14% CBD and in a 30ml bottle.

Oh, my god, the taste is disgusting, literally gag worthy! This was the second Tincture that I tried and was the brand that our friend told us about. After using the Blueberry I was so used to the sweetness that this was a shock! However, that being said I did feel like a fair amount of my pain was dulled and though It wasn’t all taken away it was certainly more than the blueberry. The price was £22.45 for a bottle that is 30ml that is certainly a bargain. There are other options, stronger mg and different strains so it’s worth looking around their site.

Yes, the taste was bad, Bob nailed the taste, it was like Goji berries, well stale Goji berries, that kind of earthy, stale taste. But my back was a spasmatic mess the day I tried it and 30 mins later it was eased, not released and pain-free, but more comfortable. 

Last but not least I tried an E-Liquid for vaping 

Harmony Mango Kush at 10ml for 100mg.

Now if you buy it from Harmony’s website it’s 24.99 but in Euro’s so there’s the exchange rate to consider and then the extortionate shipping price. I ended up buying it from Amazon again for £20 and no shipping. The flavor is mild, kind of earthy but with trace elements of mango. However, as far as pain goes, I notice no difference whatsoever. So with that in mind, it’s not really worth it unless you begin to look at higher Mg.

Just to add, the Harmony one does need a Vape Pen and so I bought the XVX Nano at £12.99 from Amazon. You can spend a lot more and get really wanky bulky ones, but this seems to do as good a job as any other out there. The company is all super friendly, plus you get a free e-liquid upon registering your product on their website for the guarantee. 

As far as it goes the CBD brothers are the best way to go but do be aware of the awful taste. 

I guess I’ve been hoping for something that will get rid of the pain all together but these just reduce the amount, 

Have you tried CBD oil? Are you a CBD oil company and would like to send us some samples to review? Is anyone really out there? 

If so leave us a comment and remember to follow us on social media and the like.

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  1. Thanks , I’ve just been searching for information about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve discovered till now. But, what about the bottom line? Are you sure about the source?


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