They are watching you, but it’s ok

When I was younger  a creepy stranger standing at the end of your garden watching you, or sending you flowers with a card saying were are meant to be together forever was considered wrong. Even a guy in a raincoat blasting music out of a boombox at a girl who was clearly not into him was obviously wrong. But now it’s the height of romantic.

Hardly moving Gif

These days there seems to be an ever rising issue with stalking, cyberstalking and bullying. With TV shows promoting this behaviour, it’s hard not to understand why people are doing it more and more.

Stalking has risen beyond control, more people are stalked now than ever before and the police disregard it as a real problem and say it isn’t a real threat. With a generation obsessed with TV and Social media. It is no surprise that stalkers are never out of new ideas, but it is now considered ‘the norm’ to stalk someone’ before you meet them, to ‘google search’ them and study their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to learn everything about them. You can find almost everything about someone online. What happened to finding out about someone the ‘normal way’? By talking to them? By meeting them in real life and getting to know them because they wanted to get to know you. Now people don’t even talk on the phone, they text, chat or poke. People arrange social events via Facebook and Insta DM’s and if you don’t respond you are considered a freak.


If you have read our previous posts you will know that we have suffered at the hands of something of a ‘Stalker’, an individual or a group (we don’t know for sure which), that has hassled, harassed and intimidated us by following us, scanning and tracking our phones and generally been, total perverted creeps and this has gone on for nearly thirteen years now 

Just think about that THIRTEEN YEARS

So when you try to report this to the Police and explain that someone is following you, hacking your phone and computer and being a creep, the police think ‘it’s romantic’ because that is what is normal these days and we should be flattered at the attention.

There are numerous TV shows that romanticise stalking, which is NEVER ok. We have watched a few of them and the whole of the way through these shows we have felt sick and couldn’t understand why they have even been made.

Recently one of the higher rated shows – YOU – a new show on Lifetime, proves this point perfectly. Penn Badgely plays a creepy guy who watches a girl (we see a theme here!) and records everything she does, learning everything about her, without talking to her or her sharing any of her personal information with him, save for a name and watches her every move. 

It’s beyond creepy and unnerving, it’s horrible that someone can not only think to write this, but also that people actually watch this, like and then vote for it as if  it is something to aspire to be. No one seems to have a problem with this idea, that watching someone, following them and knowing everything about them, even masturbating outside their house as they move about in the privacy of their own home, is wrong.

Call me crazy but that is not romantic! Its Fucking Scary!

There was a TV show a little while ago called Stalker on CBS, which called out stalking behavior as it really was. From social media to real life stalking. It actually was interesting and helpful and even at times too close to home, but obviously this got cancelled because no one really wants to be caught out do they? People want TV shows to agree with the stalking behaviour not make them feel bad about it.

If that’s not bad enough that people stalk you then think about the fact that corporations do it too.

Bob quit Facebook two years ago much to the shock of almost every human that she has ever met. Friends asked ‘Is there something wrong?’ ‘Why would you do that?’ The doctors enquired if she was feeling anti-social when she said she didn’t have FB.  All your online shopping want to know all your personal details in order to supply you with the most personal adverts to you.

Now even your conversations are monitored via your phones, so that a conversation in the street will result in an advert on the side of a page or in Instagram about something you happened to talk about earlier in the day. Having your phone’s data on will result in you being targeted with adverts for everything from coffee to condoms, from nappy to nasal spray and all this is excepted without complaint or question, because you just assume someone has been monitoring you, your purchases and and you online browsing and this is all very acceptable. 

When in fact NONE of that is acceptable.

We loathe that everything has to be done social apps, you cannot date, go to a bar or play a sport without them linking and sharing it all online. It’s almost as though nobody actually wants to talk to each other or interact anymore. But stalking, well that apparently A-OK, that’s perfectly normal and you should know what your friends, colleagues and potential dates had for breakfast, when they had their last bowel movement and who they slept with last night.

Now the average person admits to cyber stalking, at least they’re ex, on a weekly basis why is it now all so, ok? 

When did this world turn from the just that creepy Say Anything guy,  into the adverts in Minority Report


Well rant is over – I still have no idea what is going on with this world but what can I do. It seems we are in the minority.

However I do believe that there is an element of influence or feeling like some of the things you see on TV at the very least are ok when they really aren’t.

Why is promoting stalking in our tv shows and movies a good thing in this day and age?

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