If you know us you know we like our beers, Bob with her sours and Ash with his love of Stouts and Porters as well as our shared liking of an IPA or more accurately a NEPA or WCPA and the occasional random.

We have posted about the Great British Beer Festival and occasionally about Beer Shops and Pubs where you can get a decent pint. But today we thought we’d mention one place to check out a great selection of beers – Untappd

We have had an Untappd account for a while but honestly we haven’t used it enough, much like our Instagram and other Social Media Apps. But Untappd is one we beer lovers should use more, it’s a source of information for anything beer related and a reference for every beer you can find. So we have set up the account and it now has all the beers we can remember that we have tasted over the years and you can see it here.

But while we are here we thought we’d get you started with some suggestions, but rather than say try this IPA or we hated this Sour we have realised we gravitate towards certain breweries and sure they still produce some beers that are truly vile beers (Tiny Rebel’s Club Tropicana and Cwtch for instance) but for the most part if we see the cute little bear we are eager to check it out, so what do we think are some great breweries for you to check out and look up on Untappd 

So lets start with the Welsh Teddy Bear

Tiny Rebel make a vast range of beers from Fruity Sours to Heavy Darks, Ash loves the Stay Puft in all its varieties and is eager to try the Bailey’s Version. Bob loves her Strawberry Bomb among a few other sours. They even collaborate with other breweries on a regular basis to delivery award winning specials as well as joining up with Iceland (the supermarket) taking all their old bread and making an IPA called Bread Board.


This Berkshire Brewery is another of our go to brands, Bob loves their Pompelmocello and is still seeking out the Lemoncello version. Ash likes a Broken Dream. There are so many more to try we haven’t even started to scrape the barrel!


The Pub chain have a good selection of their own beers and everyone know Punk and Elvis Juice, their Jet Black Heart is one of the best Nitro infused stouts anywhere, so creamy and rich. There is not as broad of a selection for sours but a whole range of Cosmic Crush’s, which is kind of tropical. You can even buy shares at the bar and get a reduction on your pint.

Pressure Drop

This Tottenham, London based Brewery make the full range of beers, Bob’s love of the Double R Diner and Ash likes Before you Laugh amongst other and there are so many more to try, maybe a trip to the Taproom is in order!

Wild Beer Co

Another Bristol based Brewery, this is a new one to us, having discovered them at the GBBF, Bob loves the Tapache and Ash still want’s to try Millionaire, everywhere it’s on offer it is always sold out! But there are a fair amount to try in the mean time.


Local to Climbing Moss, so much so we have to include our neighbours, their Taproom in the Holloway Road, never seems to be open and it’s a shame because they have some great beers, The Pentonville Oyster Stout is a House Beer in the Craft Beer Pubs and there are numerous IPA’s, NEPA’s and others we need to check out. It seems more of an Ash brewery because there are no sours :(.


This Bristol based company makes beers in a Canadian Style, their cans even have a Maple leaf on them and Ash has taken on the mission of sampling all the range – for purely research basis you understand – and so far hasn’t found a bad beer – But Moteuka Single Hop IPA is truly delicious -Oh well we’ll just have to keep looking, let’s hope we never find one! Bob has had a sip here and there and it seems pretty good.

Gipsy Hill

This South London Brewery obviously more Bob-centric. So many, many sours! I have tried at least 10 and hope to try them all. Ash however doesn’t seem to remember them, oh well he may have to refresh his memory.

Well that should get you started, now get down to your local Bottle Shop like the 7 Seasons in Hoxton and start your own research. 

As for us, we are about to open a Camborne Poacher and then we’ll add it to our Untappd and you’ll see what we thought of it on there and then we’ll be back again soon with another review from stuff we have found around London, UK.

Don’t forget to take a look at our instagram, that we forget about continuously and the other social media we don’t use.

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