Her Top Men of 2021

It’s the end of 2021 and in a follow up to the previous post we are staring this years top lists with the newest…

As usual we will be breaking this up over the next couple of days, we started with His Top Men, now it’s on to Her Top Men, next will be His Top Women and finally Her Top Women. Again just like last years we will be adding occupations, last years positions and nationalities.

So without further ado… 


Top 10


Bang Christopher Chan – Bang Chan

Singer from Stray Kids

Bang Chan has moved up and down this list for the past two years until finally he settled in the number 10 spot. Not only has this man got a good voice, producing skills, song and lyric writing, dance skills and can speak multiple languages but he is adorably down to earth with his skills. Watching his love and concern for his group and for the fans has really shone this year and made him move the 8 places since last year. Plus that accent and that cute little dimple when he smiles.


Kim Seok-jin – Jin

Singer from BTS

Jin is another one of the constantly moving up and down in these lists. However what with his strange habits (especially when waking) the wonderful puns and the fact this man is world wide handsome it all pushed him to 9.


Dori Sakurada

Actor In Alice in Borderlands

Dori was one of these people that crept up on me, I kept seeing him all over Tiktok as his character Niragi and he caught my eye. After watching Borderlands I watched some of the rest of his work, followed him on instagram and found he was a really cute, sweet guy so naturally decided he was instant top 10 material.


Woo Do-hwan

Actor In Bloodhound

So in all technicality Woo Do-hwan doesn’t actually qualify to be in this years top 100 as he hasn’t really been doing anything in the spotlight being that he is serving in the military up until January. However I will fight anyone that says he shouldn’t be here plus he has begun his return and has been posting on Instagram so he counts! That being said he was on my list last year and I wouldn’t want to move him out of the top 10.


Felix Lee

Singer from Stray Kids

This year Felix moved down one place – this was only due to being scared of literally anything and everything! That being said he has maintained his top 10 status. This guy radiates sunshine, his smile is infectious, his voice and accent are to die for, his freckles are adorable and his duality is eye catching.


Park Jimin

Singer from BTS

There was no real reason why Jimin dropped this year – other than the other 4 caught my eye more. BTS has been on a bit of a mhh streak recently (in my opinion) Not really liking the whole permission to dance, americanized version of the BTS we all knew and loved. That being said Jimin has remained sweet, caring and pretty so really he has remained consistent.


Choi Yeonjun

Singer From Tomorrow x Together

Yeonjun was already eye catching and was a contender last year for top 10 placement but this year he made it and got all the way to 4! He has always been eye catching I mean you just have to look at him to see that! However that’s not all there is to this guy, he has a stage presence that demands attention, his modelling shots were a real eye opener to how he suddenly seemed to mature. His artist of the month was also proof that not only can he sing, speak multiple languages, model, write but he can also dance and dance really well!


Lee Dong-Wook

Actor In Bad and Crazy

Lee Dong-wook really stole my attention in Goblin (I know we were late watching that one) then maintained my attention whilst watching almost all of his filmography. Finding that he has a really broad spectrum of work was also refreshing- yes he mostly plays the doting, love interest but I mean he does it really well so why change? However watching Strangers from Hell gave me even more perspective on why he should be in 3rd place – I mean if you can find a creepy serial killer dentist attractive I think this is deserved. He has a great personality, he is actually really cute but can also at times be incredibly sexy. Not only all of that but he has impeccable style – where he can wear almost anything and make it look good.


Lee Min-ho – Lee Know

Singer In Stray Kids

Lee Know moved from 9 to 2 this year and with good reason. After watching all the live concerts he really stood out as the all rounder! He has a really soothing voice, incredible body control in his dances and he is another one who looks good in almost anything he wears. Incredibly passionate and hardworking as demonstrated by watching Kingdom Legendary War this year, seeing how he lead all the choreography and not to mention how he still preformed faultlessly on top of a building all whilst being terrified. His love for his three cats and his other Stray Kids members is adorable. Plus his dark sense of humor always makes me laugh (which is rare)


Hwang Hyunjin

Singer In Stray Kids

Last but not least Hyunjin. At the beginning of this year (February) Hyunjin had been caught in a bit a of an issue with vicious rumors and had been ‘indefinitely suspended’ from Stray Kids – which unfortunately stopped him from participating in Kingdom Legendary War and had me waiting and waiting for 4 long, LONG months, I was really worried he wouldn’t be back. Then in June it was announced he was allowed back! I was overjoyed (yes I know get a life etc but there hasn’t been much to look forward to the past few years sooo…. shush) After realizing quite how invested I was in his return and how inspired I subsequently was I realized there wasn’t really any competition with who should be number 1 this year. He came back with more oomph than usual, releasing two solo dance videos which were visually stunning, working extra hard on every single performance and looking even more stunning than usual. Then the long dark hair (swoon) – though he can pull off most colors, when he went back to natural and wow! Oh and who can forget the Red Lights music video – perfection! His dances are filled with passion, his love for what he does truly shines in all of his work, plus now he is showing off more of his paintings/artwork he is really turning into the complete package. The only thing that would make him perfect is a pet ….Oh wait he has a dog.

Ok I will shut up now.

Final Flag Count

Not really surprising apart from the 2 UK.


Obviously I like Actors and Singers.


Next up His Top 100 Women….

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