Her Top Women of 2021

It’s the end of 2021 and in a follow up to the previous post we are staring this years top lists with the newest…

As usual we will be breaking this up over the next couple of days, we started with His Top Men, then it was Her Top Men, followed by His Top Women and finally Her Top Women. Again just like last years we will be adding occupations, last years positions and nationalities.

So without further ado… 


Top 10


Adeline Rudolph

Actor in Riverdale

Adeline first caught my eye in Sabrina as one of the pretty 3 Weird Sisters but after following her on Instagram I noticed that I seemed to be liking a lot of her photos. She seems to glow in almost every post wether a photoshoot, a personal shot or just a video of something silly – such as dancing with Abbie (Cowen). Therefore it was only natural to add her into the top 10. We haven’t been watching Riverdale anymore due to it being…well…Riverdale. Hopefully she will be in something else soon.


Jung Ho-yeon

Actor in Squid Games

Jung Ho-yeon was another one of ‘Tiktok thinks you will like this person’ and once again Tiktok was right. After watching her in Squid Games it was undeniable that she was a good actor, not to mention beautiful. Though she is mostly known for her Modelling she has rocketed into the lime light stealing almost everyones attention including mine.


Lee Ho-jung

Actor In Nevertheless

Lee Ho-jung is another new entry but after stealing the show in Nevertheless I was hooked. She started out as a model but really gained attention recently for playing the LGBTQ Yoon Sol – the swoon worthy best friend turned romance. I started watching her Filmography and watching her videos on Youtube and lets just say she got even more charming. Another one of the quirky personalities – her videos are fun, she does her fair share of goofy dances even with her cute dog!


Jessica Parker Kennedy

Actor In The Flash

JPK though not massively active this year has still maintained her top 10 status and why wouldn’t she?Though her role in Flash was a little brief and stop/start and got a little cringe towards the end this was the only reason she went down. That being said her instagram is filled with adorable dogs and the only selfies contain dogs! So there is bonus points she seems a genuinely lovely person.


Margot Robbie

Actor in Suicide Squad

Ms. Robbie doesn’t seem to budging from this spot – for the 3rd year in a row. She once again shone as Harley for the Suicide Squad movie but honestly she always steals the movie. Her style is faultless, her down to earth personality and self deprecating humour just makes her move lovable.


Karen Fukuhara

Actor in Visions

Karen has slipped a couple of places since last year but only because most/all of her work this year has been a voice for animations. However she has started Youtube this year which has really let you see her real personality – so cute! She has done some beautiful photoshoots this year too.


Park Shin-hye

Actor in Sisyphus: The Myth

Another new entry and one that was a slow growing attraction. Shin-hye simply kicks ass! Most of her roles showcase just how bad ass/self sufficient women can be but that’s not all. She can also look incredibly pretty/elegant in beautiful dresses.


Roseanne Park – Rose

Singer in Black Pink

I finally found a Bias in Blackpink! Rosé was always pushed to the back so I never got the chance to see her or get to know anything about her. That changed this year when she released her solo single and looked phenomenal in the video. Once she grabbed my attention I couldn’t get enough, her guitar/vocal performances on the beach in ‘Sea of Hope’ were beautiful. Looking back you can see how cute/shy she is at the beginning of Blackpink and now how she shines. Plus she’s Aussie!


Conor Leslie

Actor in Titans

Conor moved from 8 to 2 this year by mostly being herself. Known best for her role as Donna Troy and Thankfully she was back in Titans this year! However acting isn’t her only talent – Her photography is spectacular. There;s not much to say other than she is beautiful inside and out what more could you want?


Jung Whee-in – Wheein

Singer In Mamamoo

Wheein jumped from 23 to 1 this year because to be quite frank she stole my attention. Known mostly for being the lead dancer/ secondary singer in Mamamoo which yes she is however this year she stepped up. Releasing her own solo music and even showing off some of her artwork, she has really stole the spotlight. Since leaving her previous label she’s finally allowed to be herself and it shows, her style has become more ‘her’ she finally looks comfortable, showing off her tattoos and unique flare. All that being said she hasn’t left Mamamoo or her members and constantly shows her undying support by being a back-up dancer in their videos. She is another queen of duality though, switching from sexy to incredibly cute in a second.

(Heart eyes)

Final Flag Count



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