His Top Women of 2021

It’s the end of 2021 and in a follow up to the previous post we are staring this years top lists with the newest…

As usual we will be breaking this up over the next couple of days, we started with His Top Men, then it was Her Top Men, now it is His Top Women and then finally it will be Her Top Women. Again just like last years we will be adding occupations, last years positions and nationalities.

So without further ado… 


Top 10


Madison Beer


was one of those people that seemed to be around but never in my list until last year, now this year she’s made a big jump to the top ten, she is truly stunningly beautiful and though her music tends towards the R&B, her knowledge and tastes are much more diverse and makes her so interesting.


Lee Ji-eun AKA ‘IU’

I never knew IU existed until this year and we started watching Hotel De Luna, the KDrama and it was a shock to see someone so beautiful, she’s like a doll, a sculpted beauty and her personality shines through in the show and so she was deposited in the list in the teens and then gradually rose up to finally settle at 9.


Lalisa Manobal

Yet another KPop artist to debut in this year’s list, I was actually surprised she wasn’t in last year’s list, as Lalisa has been my Bias of BlackPink for the last couple of years, but this year i got to know more of her personality and her style is great, so she enters almost at the top and beaten by only one other Icon.


Morgan Cryer

Morgan should have been in the top 10 last year, but the actor and model had no required photos, so she slipped into the slideshow. Trying to get Mo in a dress seemed impossible as she lives her life on the Californian beaches, surfing and modelling expensive bikinis, but this year she obliged us with a range of pretty dresses and she even bought a new dog, so that she could be inserted into her rightful place in the top 10


Abigail Cowen

Last year’s number 1 only slipped because other people caught my eye more, the Faerie in The Winks Saga, is still just as beautiful and just as bonkers as ever, no disastrous calamities to report this year, just a never ending stream of singing, dancing and weird loony stuff on her instagram to endear her to me again.


Lucy Hale

Lucy has jumped into the Top 10 this year, by mostly just being honest and incredibly stylish, the American Actor is in Rag-doll a British drama, covered in tattooed and letting herself be the brunt of the series’ jokes, she is however a lovely and funny person and a show-in for this year’s top listings.


Vanessa Merrell

Nessa hasn’t budged an inch since last year, she is still sitting pretty at number 4 because she is still one of the most entertaining, gorgeous, amazing people in the world. The YouTuber’s channel has over 6million subscribers and with her sister (Ronnie, who also featured well in my Top 100 this year), they make fun, wacky, random videos and cool, self financed dramas and she has those dimples too, so of course she’s staying put!


Victoria Justice

Ms. Justice is probably the most consistant celeb in my annual list, she has never been out of the top 10 and is still here, because for all the bad press, i still like her, she seems totally genuine and incredibly eager to please people and berates herself too much. This year she’s starred in a Netflix Movie and released a series of self produced songs which are high on my list of bests for 2021


Roseanne ‘Rose’ Park

The highest new entry, the reason we broke our highest new entry limit and the most adorable KPop artist of the year without a doubt. Beating her BlackPink bandmate Lalisa to the top new entry spot. Ms. Park exploded into the year with ‘On the Ground’ the best song of the year for me and just looked incredible and we finally got to see her natural style and charisma get the focus it needed.


Kimberley Garner

Well she’s back, the UK’s most beautiful and shyest Fashion Designer and yes fashion designer because KG had a successful year launching a collection of on and off the beach attire that sold out in a day. Ms. Garner continues to make me laugh and smile as she tries to be the influencer she’s painted as being, whereas she is honestly too shy to know where to look or what to say, so instead she simply relies on her incredible smile and killer figure to do all the talking for her!

Final Flag Count



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