Her Top Men of 2022

It’s coming up to the end of 2022 and in usual fashion we round up our Top listings.

As usual we will be breaking this up over the next couple of days, we started with His Top Men, now it’s on to Her Top Men, next will be His Top Women and finally Her Top Women. Again just like last years we will be adding occupations, last years positions and nationalities.

So without further ado… 


Top 10

Song Kang – Actor in Love and Weather

Number 10 in this list fluctuated like crazy 16- 10 are pretty much interchangeable but I ended up settling on Song Kang. Like most of the top listings there is something that set him apart – we watch every single show he is in. He is also handsome and apparently very strange – that being said his odd thoughts tend to be fairly normal to me.


Park Sung-hoon – Singer in Enhypen

The first new entry in the tens is Sunghoon – I have always been a fan of Enhypen but never really known much about them so I delved a little deeper this year. Of course naturally you end up finding someone you like and then another and another but one ends up setting themselves apart (bias) Well Sunghoon is mine – Of course he is good looking and talented but I was truly impressed with his history with Ice Skating – A Korean medal winning figure skater – but chose the life of an Idol instead. That being said when he takes to the ice he is captivating.


Ahn Bo-hyun – Actor In Military Prosecutor Doberman.

Ahn Bo-hyun was one of those contenders last year to be in the top 10 but I think missed out by one or two spots. This year -much to Ash’s dismay – he ended up in my top 10. Another actor who we watch almost every show he appears in – and though he is very good at playing a bad guy he also showed his charms as a love interest In Yumi. His personality truly shines outside of the screen though where you actually see how chivalrous he is, how caring he is with people and dogs alike. Plus he has so many dogs!


Yoon Ji-on – Actor in Tomorrow

The next new entry – Yoon Ji-on was unexpected – I went into watching Tomorrow for Rowoon but quickly realized that he was irrelevant compared to Mr Lim (Character) Then of course we started watching other things that he was in – following his instagram and that just made me like him even more. Theres not much more to say apart from can you blame me?


Choi Yunjoon – Singer In Tomorrow x Together.

Yunjoon dropped one place this year for no real reason other than he comes across as quite cocky – I mean I cant really judge him for this but its a little off putting. Still probably one of the more impressive dancers in K-pop and an all rounder but not only that he does care about the staff, managers and crew that follow them around in the weekly -ToDo. So if he is cocky I suppose i’ts deserved.


Christopher Bang (Bang Chan) – Singer/Producer in Stray Kids.

Bang Chan moved one place up this year – Mostly because I found my home with Stray Kids. Talented in singing, producing, writing and being a genuinely nice human there really isn’t much he can’t do.


Lee Dong-wook – Actor In Bad and Crazy

Again there really isn’t much reason why Lee Dong-wook moved down one place its literally other people just shined more I guess? Plus although Bad and Crazy wasn’t bad it also wasn’t great which I guess was the reason he dropped hopefully the new season of Nine Tailed Fox will redeem him.


Felix Lee – Rapper in Stray Kids

Felix moved up one place, again no real reason why just because….. He is one of the most watched tiktok videos of this year and its always fun watching men get very confused with how pretty he is plus Ash gets him!


Hwang Hyunjin – Rapper In Stray Kids

Another of why did he move people and the answer is he didn’t 1 and 2 are pretty much equal is all respects but since he was 1 last year I thought it would only be right to swap around a bit so he dropped to 2.


Lee Minho (Lee Know) – Singer in Stray Kids

So number 1 is last year’s 2. I guess I have been more interested in him specifically this year because of noticing how much of an all rounder he is. During the live concerts there really wasn’t anything he lacked – plus his high notes were perfection. The purple hair this year has also been a refreshing change. Although he comes off as stoic and spiteful I really couldn’t think of anyone more caring of his members. Without fail he will make me laugh with his dark sarcastic humor. He loves his cats (Soonie, Doongi and Dori) with a passion and shows his love of all animals with the little things (bracelets and jewellery where all proceeds go to helping animals) I mean this guy is the perfect man so it makes sense that he would end up at 1.

Final Flag Count



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