His Top Women of 2022


It’s coming up to the end of 2022 and in our usual fashion we have rounded up our Top Celebrities the Ultimate list of the beautiful ones.

As usual we will be breaking this up over the next couple of days, we started with His Top Men of 2022, then Her Top Men of 2022.

Now it’s time for His Top Women and finally Her Top Women.

Again just like last years we will be adding occupations, last years positions and nationalities.

So without further ado… 


Top 10

Kimberley Garner – Designer

Last Year Kim was right up the top of the list and is the most consistent female in my lists, she hasn’t so much dropped, but just been passed by others who I find myself aware of more. That said the ultimate UK Society Babe still flutters my heart and is still as cute and shy as ever!


Lee Chaeryeong -Singer in Itzy

Last year’s number 100, this is the biggest jump of the year, I didn’t know anything about her when I first learned of Itzy and she was a cursory add and now she is one of the most delightful, adorable, stunning people the world has on it, fun, funny and an amazing, singer, dancer and person. I switched this and number 8 around daily so they are practically equal.


Shin Yuna – Singer In Itzy

My first Bias of Itzy before I really knew who was who , but Ms. Shin Junior still makes me smile and with her adorable English accent is a constant source of entertainment, as well as her singing and dancing abilities alongside her Itzy bandmates.


Lisa Manoban – Singer In Blackpink

Lisa hasn’t gone anywhere and probably won’t, she comes across as this cocky, self loving persona, but you get glimpses of vunerability and surprise at being so loved and it’s that, which brought her back her back into my top 100 and my top 10


Lucy Hale – Actor in Borrego

Another standard to my Top 10 and someone it would be wrong to miss, she is incredibly stylish, a fun, lively and quirky person and Dog Mum! There isn’t a lot that needs to be said, just look you’ll see why she’s here.


Kim Min Joeng (Winter) – Singer In Aespa

Noticeably absent from last year’s list, mainly because we weren’t really sure about the group, but given the year to get to know them Ms. Kim has a firm place in my top 10 this year, because she is so adorably cute and shy (yes I seem to like that) a real Introvert and a stunning beauty.


Ning Yazhuo (NingNing) – Singer in Aespa

This Chinese singer, dancer and artist is the more Extroverted member of the group, confident and a constant booster to the group, she is truly wonderful and a source of endless smiles and entertainment in chats and vlog videos and wow she has incredible style!


Victoria Justice – Actor In Perfect Pairing

Yes this American Actress is still riding high in my list and though Bob can’t stand her, she is one of my absolute favourites, even if her choice of acting roles can be a little cringe at times, at least her music choices are still highly entertaining. She remains high and will probably keep re-appearing in my lists.


Rose singer in BlackPink

‘Rosé’ as we are supposed to call her, even though she’s Rosie to us and everyone around her it seems was initially this year’s number 1 and was only dislodged due to a technicality (see below for details), because she has flawless style, the girl is constantly draped in Chanel, YSL and the like, she is the darling of every couture house and is flawless among a bed of flawless diamond and can sing, dance and be ridiculously silly and clumsy. Hmm! Why isn’t she number 1?


Choi Jisu (Lia) Singer In Itzy

The Ultimate Bias and the ultimate beauty in 2022, it was a switch-a-roo with Rosie for a while until Bob noted everything relates to Lia, everything she says and does I’m aware of and my Pinterest folder is filled to the brim with photos of this incredible woman and her cute and fun sense of humour and personality shines through in performances, vlogs and even cooking shows!

Final Flag Count



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