Her Top Women of 2022

It’s coming up to the end of 2021 and in usual fashion we round up our Top listings.

As usual we will be breaking this up over the next couple of days, we started with His Top Men, now it’s on to Her Top Men, next will be His Top Women and finally Her Top Women. Again just like last years we will be adding occupations, last years positions and nationalities.

So without further ado… 


Top 10

Lee Yu-na – Singer In Brave Girls

A New face this year at the number 10 spot – Lee Yu-na – After watching Queendom this year and being introduced to some new groups I found Yu-na from Brave Girls. Of all the beautiful girls she caught my eye – hardworking, passionate but a little clumsy. After following her on Instagram, seeing how down to earth she is and how dog/animal centric she is – I just knew she had to be somewhere in the 10’s. Plus she’s a tomboy!


HoYeon Jung – Model/Actor

Still in the top 10 – HoYeon Jung – Although she has not been capturing the spotlight in all things to do with acting this year she has mostly been modeling and seemingly filming hundreds of project’s for next year. Still every time I see one of her shoots I do end up liking/pinning the pictures so it is undeniable that she is beautiful.


Park Yoo-na – Actor In Rookie Cops

Another new entry – Park Yoo-na – after watching a few of her Dramas I realized that even though she never seems to play a lead character I am still more interested in whatever she is doing (even though she is very good at playing spiteful) But on closer look she is very cute, a little quirky, pretty strong and looks stunning in a dress! what more could you ask for?


Shen Xiaoting – Singer in Kep1er

Another New entry that was found via watching Queendom – Shen Xiaoting – Mostly known for being that striking tall red head in Kep1er. She is stunning, cute and her ballroom dance in the ISACs was wow! I had instantly found my Kep1er bias. The only reason she isn’t higher is because she doesn’t really talk/vlog that much and is almost always pushed to the back of the group so I haven’t got to know her too well yet.


Hwang Ye-ji – Singer in Itzy

Hwang Ye-ji moved from 20 to 6 this year mostly due to how much Itzy content we have watched this year. She has always been beautiful but this year I just got to know more about her and found even more reasons to find this woman irresistible.


Im Se-mi – Actor in The Empire

Another new entry – Im Se-mi – Aka the drunk sister in True Beauty. Now the first thing that caught my eye was she is beautiful! Then I found out more about her …. She is an animal activist, environmentally conscious, a vegan! Literally she ticks all the boxes. Her instagram is filled with all the projects she passionately pursues – including protests and volunteering with a thousand different animals ( so many cute animals!) She’s sporty, she models, acts and still isn’t afraid to get dirty or pull silly faces. In writing this she moved one space up so that should tell you something!


Karen Fukuhara – Actor In The Boys

Karen Fukuhara moved up one place this year and I finally found a picture of her with a pet! She was back as Kimiko in The Boys but this time we got to see a few more sides to her (she even wore a blue dress and sang!) I love that she can play this deadly badass and then you can watch her youtube where she is this adorable giggly dork – Must I say more?


Roseanne Park (Rose) – Singer In Blackpink

Rosé moved down one place (but to be fair 2 and 3 are equal in my mind) There was no real reason why she moved down. She’s still as talented, adorable, sexy and stylish. You only need to listen/watch to understand why we like her so much.


Jennie Kim – – Singer In Blackpink

As said before Jennie and Rose are equal in my mind – that being said Jennie seems to have stepped up a bit more this year – been a bit more natural and less up-tight and a bit more daring with the acting rolls etc.


Sana Minatozaki (Sana) – Singer in Twice

I finally worked out my Twice bias – In the form of the beautiful but strange Sana. After being bombarded with all the videos of the Twice concerts I realized that she was the one I was paying the most attention to. Then after watching more Twice content I just realized how cute, stylish, strange and beautiful she is! It was an easy choice to put her at number 1.

Final Flag Count



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