Well, New year, new coffee shops!

So, this is a collection from over the last couple of months, being as we have been doing a lot of the same things and not adventuring to new places, so if you were waiting for a new selection or are one of those we gave a card to and were looking for our review of your establishment, then sorry for the wait and here we go…

Sunday (Barnsbury)

A little coffee shop in Barnsbury, an odd place for it and at first we thought it was a hairdresser! The overall feel was, well, babies lot of them and loud mums drinking and shouting about money.

The barista was nice and helpful she even brought the coffees out to us as we waited with the dog, but the coffee was disappointing, – the standard order a Black Americano and an Oat Mocha – The Mocha was cold, not even warm, outrightly cold and the Americano was scolding hot and rather sour, just not great. A point for the staff and a rating of…

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Nomadis Cafe (N16)

We ordered the usual and stated ‘Large’ we were offered small cups instead, you know flat white’s thimbles but we said ‘no no no, NO!’ and were going to leave it, but the barista went away and came back with proper size cups.

After all that, the interior is interesting, it used to be a carpet warehouse (if memory serves Ash from his childhood), now it’s all studios and workshops, artwork and a chill place to sit and draw on your iPad it seems.

The coffee was ok, nothing great, but a safe bet…

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Simply Organic (N16)

Across the road and down from the last place, this little shop is filled with stuff and the barista was accomadating.

The order came with a little Cookie, which was nice, the drinks weren’t bad, they weren’t great either! The Americano was super super hot though, even with a little cold water added! And started to leak almost immediately.

But the place will forever be known to us as that place where pennies hit us from the ceiling

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Red Onion (Ruislip)

The only one from a bit further afield of late. We found ourselves in Ruislip this week and The Red Onion’s review made it the best choice to pick up a coffee before our latest CMHoL Walk.

The place was packed, if we had wanted to stay it may have been a struggle, but the staff were extremely welcoming and friendly (& OMG pretty too! Which always helps!). They really wanted us to bring the dog in and they chatted away while the drinks were being made, asking if we were indeed climbers (after seeing our card) and we stick to the challenge, you need to go climbing again before the end of the March!!

Anyway, the coffee… Well usually when the staff are nice and you really want the coffee to be great it isn’t, but thankfully this time Red Onion didn’t disappoint. The Mocha was delicious and a good temperature as was the Americano, cool enough without being cold.

So if ever we are back in ruislip we know where we will be heading first!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Well there we go a new list of places to try if you need a coffee boost and we will be back with more coffee shop reviews in a few weeks and more CMHoL Sections, so come back each week for something new!

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