Yep we are back to the next section of our walk. Section 7 From Fairlop to Barking.

We start off at Fairlop Station – now depending on where you ended the last section – whether you were sensible and got the bus to Hainault Station, or were crazy like us and walked the entire 2mile length of Forest Road – either way we start at Fairlop and head back along Forest Road and into Fairlop Waters and traverse around the top of the lake, to get to the Bouldering Rocks. These are man made, resin and concrete boulders, but we had to go take a look and have a little climb.

Then we headed south around the water. The large expanse is often busy with sailing and wildlife. We circumvented the east and south sides before turning away and searching for the gravel path south. At the edge of the golf course, we veered off and down.

Now, when we did the route there were major works repairing the road and so we had to travel south past Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre and along the Aldborough Road until we got to St. Peter’s Church and then turned west and followed the footpath to Aldborough Hatch Farm. But you could continue around the golf course until you reach a sharp turn south and end up at the farm too.

After this (whichever way you go) you’ll exit onto Oaks Lane and walk towards the Mosque and Newbury Park Field. Cross the park and exit via the railway bridge along Perrymans Farm Road. Cross the main road and keep going, Through Uppark Dr and then between houses via a series of footpaths to emerge in Otley Drive.

After a few hundred metres a left turn brings you out on the Eastern Ave. Cross this and walk towards Valentine’s Park. This is a nice park, with a lot of wildlife in ponds, specimen trees and a rose garden and one of the worst coffees you’ll ever have the misfortune to drink – if you are us that is.

Do not get coffee at the Gardener’s Garden Café!!!

Continue your journey south through the park and out through Little Australia, all the roads here are named after Aussie Cities! Weave a bit until you find yourself on Ilford High St. Take the footpath under the overpass and don’t try to cross the overpass itself, trust us, we did it so you don’t have to.

Come out on Green Lane and walk to South Park

Another nice park, shame about the location. A massive lake filled with ducks and geese and a mass of rats! Not nice.

Follow the water out and then follow the River Loxford, that runs south alongside the main road. Eventually when you turn into Barking Park and pass a CMHOL Essential – Allotments! This park is really nice, it’s another Specimen Park, meaning there are no Plane Trees – great for hay fever sufferers and has a wading lake, ideal for wading birds, it also has a large collection of unicorn paddle boats!

Cross the park and then leave on the main road and head west to the horrible Barking Station. Thankfully you are here long as this is the end of section 7 of the CMHoL.

If you want to follow along the PDF will be available here and don’t forget to take some pictures along the way and tag us #Cmhol

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