Her Top 35 Men


It’s that time again, it’s coming to the end of a year and that means we are rounding things up. This includes our yearly Top 100’s. 

We have been doing this since 2015 so you can check back to that here that takes you to the main page of all the Top 100’s. We have marked them up or down from Her Top 50 last year and have also included professions and nationalities more for our curiosity than anything else. We will post Her top 35 Men, His top 100 Women and then Her top 100 Women in that order.

I have ended up doing a top 35 as I couldn’t quite make it to 50 this year.


Top 10

10. Charles Michael Davis – Actor From Younger




Up 1 spot from last year, after watching him in Younger and seeing how well he can wear a suit he really proved he really should be higher.


9. Taron Egerton – Actor From Kingsman


UK Flag.png

Actor.pngA Re-entry from 2015, Taron Egerton certainly proved himself as an actor this year and seems to be one of the rare men that are modest and doesn’t take himself too seriously which is a bonus.


8. Luke Mitchell – Actor From Blindspot


Australia Flag.png

Actor.pngUp from last year’s position of 47, Luke Mitchell has really proven that he can act. Plus he is in Blindspot now playing Jane’s Brother Roman which is one of my only reasons for watching that show. Bonus points for the sexy scruff but also the sexy accent.



7. Chai Hansen/Chai Romruen (whichever) – Actor From The 100


Australia Flag.png

Actor.pngBrand New entry at number 8 proves that he left an impression (He would have been number 4 but no new entries could be any higher than 5). Literally the moment I saw Chai as Illian In 100 I knew that I would like him. I mean how could you not? With that face, that smile and general silliness… Ill shut up now…



5. Ross Butler – Actor from 13 Reasons Why




Another new entry, Ross Butler first caught my attention as Reggie in Riverdale but after seeing him in 13 Reasons Why he solidified his top 10 status (He would have been higher but he couldn’t be higher than 5) Nerdy, cute and so down to earth – Swoon.



5. Blair Redford – Actor from The Gifted




Wow Blair Redford is gorgeous! I have literally seen almost all his filmography. He would have been at 2 this year but again no new entries above 5. I mean look at this man, looks, personality and talent!  Gah!


4. Chris Hemsworth – Actor from Thor.


Australia Flag.png

Actor.pngChris Hemsworth is back at 4 again! Hopping one place up from last years 5. I haven’t seen Thor yet but he has done some very nice photoshoots this year. Plus this man can really make any type of clothes look good. 



3. Jason Momoa – Actor from Justice League.



Actor.pngJason Momoa has dropped one place from 2, since last year. This is literally only because he seems to only play one role but be that as it may he is still a very nice looking man. 



2. Jensen Ackles – Actor from Supernatural.




Up 1 Spot from last year swapping with Jason Momoa, although he seems to only play one role (Dean Winchester) but boy, does he do it well! 



1. Bob Morley – Actor from The 100.


Australia Flag.png


Last year he was number one and he is still there!

Bob can sing, climb, act, be an all around nerd and makes my heart flutter. My god this man is my idea of perfection. Over the past few years I have watched his whole filmography and I have yet to see something bad. Plus he is                             suppose to be a lovely man to meet, oh how I wish I could.                  



So there you have it!

Some gorgeous men and a Whole load of lists.

Subscribe, comment and let us know if you felt like we left anyone out? Who is on your list?

Stay tuned for His Top 100 women

Coming shortly.





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