His Top 100 Women


It’s that time again, it’s coming to the end of a year and that means we are rounding things up. This includes our yearly Top 100’s. 

We have been doing this since 2015 so you can check back to that here that takes you to the main page of all the Top 100’s. We have marked them up or down from His Top 100 last year and have also included professions and nationalities more for our curiosity than anything else.  We will post Her top 35 Men, His top 100 Women and then Her top 100 Women in that order.


Top 10

10. Victoria Justice – Actor From Man With A Plan




Up from last year’s 51, Victoria Justice is on my Instagram feed and seems to be ever present. I think she is really pretty and am very surprised at how low she was last year.


9. Cassadee Pope – Singer



music.pngUp one place from last year’s 10. Cassadee is making a real name for herself as a country singer these days, leaving the Hey Monday past well and truly behind. Her improved style has been what has boosted her that extra bit.


8. Nina Dobrev – Actor from Flatliners.



Actor.pngMaking another jump from last years 17. Nina has been busy this year with her fitness campaigns with Reebok as well as extending her range in acting. 


7. Kendall Jenner – Model




 Down from 4 Last year. Kendall has continued her rise to top model status although she has had some problems with choices of campaigns whether through her own choice or the agents. 


6. Lily Collins – Actor from To The Bone.


UK Flag.png


Another big jump from last year’s 39. Lily really showed herself once again as a great actress in the controversial drama about eating disorders. Throughout the year has looked incredibly stylish whether in photo shoots or on the red carpet.1f42f-screen2bshot2b2016-12-222bat2b17-38-03


5. Taylor Swift – Singer.




Down from last years number 1. Taylor has been missing for most of the year, hence her drop from the top. Now she has returned with the new album Reputation, which has been sorely disappointing and as is her change in style. All of this combined has resulted in the drop from the top spot.



4. Marie Avgeropoulos – Actor from The 100.

MA copy.jpg



Up from last years 15. Marie has made a bit of a jump but she is one of these slow boiling people. She doesn’t change that much over the years but she has always maintained a level of beauty and attitude, hence the rise.


3. Emma Watson – Actor from Beauty and The Beast.



UK Flag.png


Up from last year’s number 7. Emma has fluctuated up and down since the beginning of the year. Although she hasn’t been all that active of late, she is still always going to be top 10 material. It’s only compare and contrast that moves her around.


2. Shelley Hennig – Actor from Teen Wolf.




Up 1 place from last year. Shelley is a beautiful but strange creature. She has stood the test of time and has proved that she is truly one crazy, kooky, beautiful, cute weirdo.



1.Kimberley Garner – Designer.




Up 1 place from last year. With the downfall of Taylor Swift so the top space was left open, so Kimberley took the crown. Her design company has continued to grow and she is ever present on the red carpet, showing off her figure and her designs. All of this made her obvious choice for number 1.1f42f-screen2bshot2b2016-12-222bat2b17-38-03



So there you have it!

Some beautiful women and a Whole load of lists.

Subscribe, comment and let us know if you felt like we left anyone out? Who is on your list?

Stay tuned for Her Top 100 women

Coming shortly.






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