Her Top 100 Women


It’s that time again, it’s coming to the end of a year and that means we are rounding things up. This includes our yearly Top 100’s. 

We have been doing this since 2015 so you can check back to that here that takes you to the main page of all the Top 100’s. We have marked them up or down from Her Top 100 last year and have also included professions and nationalities more for our curiosity than anything else. We will post Her top 35 Men, His top 100 Women and then Her top 100 Women in that order.


Top 10

10. Hayley Kiyoko – Singer 



music.pngUp from 11 Last Year. Hayley Kiyoko is one of those people who just never leave my mind. Her music is pretty good but her music videos are so pretty. She’s openly LGBTQ and she is just so damn talented. 


9. Lana Parrilla – Actor From Once Upon A Time




Up from 43. Lana made a huge jump, partially because I only really watch Once just for her. I just want her to get her happy ending because she’s so pretty!1f42f-screen2bshot2b2016-12-222bat2b17-38-03

8. Jaimie Alexander – Actor From Blindspot




Up from last years 11. My god she is pretty! I don’t think there is that many people that can make half the things she wears look good but my god she does and effortlessly too. I watch blindspot mainly for her so that’s saying something.


7. Gina Rodriguez  – Actor From Jane The Virgin



Actor.pngA reentry, Gina Rodriguez rocketed to number 8. I have now got through almost her entire filmography and have gone from liking her to liking her a lot. She is beautiful, funny and seems to have this natural vibrancy that shines through in everything she does.


6. Samira Wiley  – Actor From Handmaid’s Tale.




Up from last years 13. Samira should have been top 10 last year (what was I thinking!) So she made it this year. She’s on my list of people I want to meet but also she is a damn good actor. Plus ridiculously pretty to boot.


5. Margot Robbie  – I , Tonya.


Australia Flag.png


Margot Robbie was number 4 last year but moved to 5, not because of any other reason than I haven’t really seen many of her movies this year. However literally everytime I see a picture of her I am reminded of how beautiful she is, I mean have you seen her?2026f-screen2bshot2b2016-12-222bat2b17-37-58

4. Claire Holt  –  47 Meters DownCH.jpg

Australia Flag.png


Up 1 from last year, Claire Holt stands the test of time, Fitspo, Actor, Health Guru. I can honestly say without a doubt that she is the only reason I would watch the originals. I hope she can break away from CW soon and continue her acting somewhere else. With more projects like 47 meters perhaps?

3. Emily Bett Rickards – Actor from Arrow.




Up from number 6 last year, Emily is one of those rarities that combine, talent, beauty and dorkiness all in one package. Literally the only good reason to even consider watching Arrow. 


2. Marie Avgeropoulos – Actor from The 100.




Staying exactly where she was last year. Every year I know she will make it to number 2. I have seen everything she has ever been in but she has caught my attention in every single one. Beautiful, sporty, a real tomboy and just an ideal girl.


1. Kate Mckinnon – Actor in Saturday Night Live.




Up from 15, Only because I wasn’t allowed to have her in here last year (according to our own rules). Kate Mckinnon has been in Saturday Night Live for 5 years as well as being in Rough Night and Office Christmas Party. Kate is probably the definition of perfection for me, not only is she funny, not afraid to take the piss out of herself but she is beautiful and down to earth and gorgeous. I could literally go on and on and on (apparently I do) but you get the point.  


So there you have it!

Some Sexy Women and a Whole load of lists.

Subscribe, comment and let us know if you felt like we left anyone out? Who is on your list?

With that, the end of 2017 roundups/top lists.

More coming very soon.



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