Eat and Drink Festival Olympia

During the 17th March – 2nd April Olympia gets taken over yet again by food and drink. We got some free tickets and off we went to explore.

To be honest I think we had high hopes for this event and it ultimately ended up disappointing us. There were two events going off at the same time, The Eat and Drink Festival and Ideal Homes. This separated Olympia up into a huge area for the homes and a tiny one for the food.

We would like to say that we thought we would have seen some home inspiration or some interesting themes or layouts (like you do in Ikea) sadly again this was not the case.  Everything was astronomically overpriced and either tacky or targeted more for the 60+ age range.

If however, that was not the case everything had tonnes and tonnes of Lillys everywhere, So what with Bob being deathly allergic we couldn’t really hang around all that much.

The Eat and Drink festival was literally nothing to write home about, it was, give or take 50 stalls with a few samples here and there and a few food carts serving mostly meat options for lunch.  

We did try some nice Gin and Moonshine but all in all, it was a nothing.

We drank some nice beer

Stout From Crafty Wolf Brewery and their Mobile Bar

That was literally it!

Admittedly we struggle with food as we have a number of dietary requirements – namely Bob is Vegetarian (bordering on Vegan) – and we both have allergies to a ridiculous number of vegetables and ingredients. But that said, the Food was really expensive and every stall (except one) was meat based and that one ‘vegy’ stand only had three options and we were allergic to all three.

So we were stuck for food and ended up leaving to go to Sainsbury’s to buy some rolls and cheese!

That says it all really.

All in all the highlight of the day was the free Goody Bag, which had the longest queue of anything, but seemingly justified, as we got a decent selection of drinks, snacks and other freebies. But it wasn’t worth the trek across London just for that.

So in hindsight, we probably won’t be venturing back there next year. Instead, we are looking out for the Vegetarian and Vegan versions and of course if you want to give us tickets to one of these food festivals we’d love to hear from you.

Have you been? What did you think? Leave comments and tell us what we missed.

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