Bob’s Top 30 Men

Once again it’s coming to that time of year where we do our yearly countdowns. We have been doing these Top 100’s Since the very beginning and this year is no different. As usual we will be doing Ash’s Top 100 Women, then Bob’s Top 30 Men and lastly Bob’s Top 100 Women. This year we will be marking peoples position last year check that out here We will also be showing nationalities and Occupations more for our curiosity than anything else.

So without any further ado….


Top 10

10. Matt Czuchry

Missing from last year but he has been in the 2016 countdown. Honestly I have no idea but I find him attractive? I always seem to like his characters though and seem to like his brain.

9.  Wilson Bethel 

Like Czuchry above he is a re-entry from 2016 having vanished from acting. Now he’s back in something! Namely Daredevil. Seeing him again I was reminded that he is attractive and can actually act! 

8. Chris Hemsworth 

Down from last years 4 only because other people superseded him but basically he’s hot, surfs and is Australian what more could you ask for?

7. Ryan Higa

Huge leap from 34 to 7. I hadn’t previously watched any of his Youtube but since last year I have watched almost all of his videos. Cute, Nerdy and Punny, why wouldn’t he have moved up?

6. Jensen Ackles 

Went down from last years 2, because of his odd outfits in this season of supernatural other than that I dunno (shrug)

5. Luke Mitchell

Last year he was at 8, so naturally he could only go higher. Why you may ask? Because He’s ridiculously attractive duh?! 

4. Timothy Granaderos 

New entry this year and I know it is probably controversial but he may play a douchebag but when you peak behind his characters he’s so cute and dorky. Plus I mean have you seen his face? His body? If not your missing out.

3. Ross Butler

Up from 6 last year, he was going to be in this position last year but as he was a new entry I couldn’t put him any higher. So naturally this year he was obviously going to be here. He’s a huge comic fan, anime fan, kinda nerdy, a cook, plays guitar and sings and has some cute dimples plus he’s gorgeous.

2. Chai Hansen 

Up from last years 7, again only thing preventing him from going higher was the new entry rule. However this year he can be here! He’s finally in some shows this year, Monkey being one of them and he was a main character too! He is a bit odd, quirky, sporty but who doesn’t like that? Plus he has nice hair and he’s super pretty! Oh and that accent (swoon)

1. Bob Morley

Still at number 1 and very unlikely to ever move. I mean he is ridiculously sexy, cute, he climbs, he acts, he sings, he looks good in a suit and in trackies I could keep going but I would never shut up..

Final Flag Count

Did you see any of your favourites in there? Have you spotted someone you like? Let us know in the comments below..

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5 thoughts on “Bob’s Top 30 Men

    1. We are not standing up for rapists, what are you not understanding about ACTORS. An actor is a person who portrays a character in a performance. This means that they are not rapists in real life. Please go away. If you don’t like this blog go away


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