Ash’s Top 100 Women

Once again it’s coming to that time of year where we do our yearly countdowns. We have been doing these Top 100’s Since the very beginning and this year is no different. As usual we will be doing Ash’s Top 100 Women, then Bob’s Top 30 Men and lastly Bob’s Top 100 Women. This year we will be marking peoples position last year check that out here We will also be showing nationalities and Occupations more for our curiosity than anything else.

So without any further ado….


Top 10

10 -Giorgia Soleri  

Giorgia was a new revelation last year and immediately went to 17, this year she has risen to 10. I still like pretty much every single picture she posts online. I just wish I could understand what she is saying!

9 – Taylor Swift

Taylor returned in 2018 with the Reputation album, but I was not a fan of the new music or the new look. Hence the drop from 5 last year. That being said she is still pretty and still talented, I just hope next year brings better things.

8. Cassadee Pope

Cassadee has gone up one place this year, she is my constant rock in these countdowns, never losing my attention in the 10 years of knowing about her. 

7. Lily Collins 

For a while Lily wasn’t in this top 10, I kept looking back thinking that someone was missing. She ended up moving down one place in the end, though only a small change. Her style and photoshoots are always eye catching.

6. Victoria Justice 

Victoria moved from 10 last year for the same reason as last year. Every time I see a picture of her I’m like ‘Ohhh Pretty!” she’s quirky, random and does some really good photoshoots.

5. Nina Dobrev 

When I first put this Top list together, she was initially up in 20’s then I compared her to others and she ended up here, from 8 Last year. She seems like a fun person to be around, super fit and adventurous if a bit loud. 

4. Rachel T Harris

This is the biggest jump of the year, up from 65. I knew her art long before I knew who she was. She’s approachable and incredibly creative and she responded to me via instagram earlier in the year! 

3. Kimberley Garner 

Swimwear Designer, Kimberley dropped from last year’s top place but she moved down to 3 not because of anything she has done but the other 2 excelled. Super shy, pretty and talented, I just wish she would design more and push herself.

2. Karlie Kloss

Karlie is the one who has crept up slowly during these Top 100’s. This year she jumped 12 places partly because of her Youtube Channel showing off her quirky, silly side and her love of treats and hatred of mornings. 

1. Jessica Nigri 

Jess could only be 15 last year due to being a new entry and has jumped straight to number 1 because…. She’s crazy, luney, weird, nerdy and beautiful! If you watch her youtube videos of her making those cosplay outfits it just shows how talented and how hardworking she is.

So the final flag count is

Did you see any of your favourites in there? Have you spotted someone you like? Let us know in the comments below..

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