Bob’s Top 100 Women

Once again it’s coming to that time of year where we do our yearly countdowns. We have been doing these Top 100’s Since the very beginning and this year is no different. As usual we will be doing Ash’s Top 100 Women, then Bob’s Top 30 Men and lastly Bob’s Top 100 Women. This year we will be marking peoples position last year check that out here We will also be showing nationalities and Occupations more for our curiosity than anything else.

So without any further ado….


Top 10

10 – Lili Reinhart

Up from last years 15, Lili wavered for a while, she initially started at 4 and moved to here, for no other reason than the others surpassed her. That being said she is pretty and cute and that serpent dance was jaw dropping! 

9. Ruby Rose 

Up from last years 12, Ruby wasn’t going to be in the top ten because of getting dangerously skinny earlier in the year but then I realized how attractive she actually is and she gained some of the weight back. Plus she’s suddenly in a lot of things so Yay!

8. Deborah Ann Woll

Up from last years 14, Deborah is pretty and sexy and so cute all wrapped into one. The best thing about her is though she is all of those things (sexy ect) she doesn’t seem to see it herself, making her shy and all the more attractive.

7. Katherine Langford

Up from last years 71, Katherine first caught my eye in 13 Reasons and has never lost my attention. Slightly strange and kind of nerdy why wouldn’t she be in the top ten? She seems to be getting more roles now so hopefully she will be in even more next year.  

 6. Claire Holt

Down from 4 last year, due to not being in much. I am not usually one to think pregnancy looks good on someone but on Claire it really does! She looks so Pretty, Cute and so glowy and so so happy yay!

5. Gina Rodriguez 

Up from last years 7, she has this vibrancy in her that seems to shine in every bit of work she does. She’s quirky and sexy, I am looking forward to next years action movies.

4. Samira Wiley

Up from 6, since OITNB I have completely fallen for this woman. So cute and adorable and a good actor to boot! Plus she seems to be wearing dresses a lot more now which is also a plus.

3. Jessica Parker Kennedy 

I have no idea why Jessica wasn’t in my top 10 last year, she was all the way up at 23. Was I blind or just crazy?Anyway gah, what can I say about her? She’s Sexy, Cute, Hot, Beautiful and those dimples.

2. Emily Bett Rickards 

Up from number 2 last year and likely never to move. She’s so cute! I mean there is way more than just that she’s talented, she loves her wine, she is all sorts of gorgeous. I hope to see her in more shows and movies next year to get her out of Arrow.

1. Kate Mckinnon 

A non mover! My idea of perfection, Beautiful, dimples, funny, down to earth and so, so gay. Most probably never going to move from top spot, because even when she is super cringy she is still sexy.  

Final Flag Count

Did you see any of your favourites in there? Have you spotted someone you like? Let us know in the comments below..

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