Ash’s Top 100 Women 2019

It’s coming to the end of the year yet again and if you have been following this site for any time or looking at this site then you know we do our yearly countdowns of our Top 100’s . As usual we will be breaking this up over the next couple of days, we will start with Ash’s Top 100 Women then on to Bob’s Top 50 Men and finally Bob’s Top 100 Women. Again just like last years we will be adding occupations, last years positions and nationalities. So without further ado…

Top 100-11

Top 10

10 – Lily Collins 

Down From 7 Last year 

Lily’s been busy this year, but not as prominent in my eye-line as usual thus year, being in Les Miserables has meant I wasn’t going to see her (I hate it). But she’s still stunning so she drops just 3 places.

9 – Vanessa Merrell

Up From Last Years 76

BIG JUMP for Nessa, The younger Merrell twin, the one with the huge dimples and clearly my favourite. Nessa is broadening her acting career, so 2020 could be her year, if the acting gets better that is!

8 – Kendall Jenner

Up from Last Years 17. Kendall fluctuates in my Top 100, mostly because I’m influenced by Bob’s opinion! But no I think she’s beeeeeautiful and I like she didn’t use her family name to get a modelling contract and works at her career and looks amazing (most of the time!)

7. Kristine Froseth 

Up from Last years 21.

I said last year Kristen was only likely to go up, up, up, what’s not to like, a former model, tall, skinny, Norwegian and can really act, she owned Alaska even if she wasn’t as the books description painted her, she made the role hers.

6. Ana De Armas

Up From last Years 13.

I actually surprised myself placing Ana here and then realising she had jumped up again from 13 last year. I thought she had stayed the same (or there about) For someone that I’ve not seen a lot of this year, she was an obvious choice for my Top 10 this year.

5. Victoria Justice

Up From last Years 6. Vic doesn’t really move, I’ve liked her forever and she seems humble (despite what Bob says!) and is always up for a laugh, unfortunately usually with her annoying sister, Madison.

4. Taylor Swift

Up from Last Years 9.

Please ignore Taylor’s blip of the Reputation Mess from last year, she’s back and looking so amazing, it was such a relief to see her at the AMAs last year in that Silver Dress and to know the hoodies and messy hair were gone and back came the fringe and the flawless style and for that Ms. Swift regained some of her status, returning to 4.

3. Abigale Cowen

Up from last years 65.

Another BIG jump, Ms. Cowen is a truly amazing person, she may be on the Loony Train, but there’s still some sanity there, she is so funny, quirky and pretty, yet still humble and shy, it’s so cute!

2. Jessica Nigri

Down From last years 1.

Oh Jess! What can I say except WOW! It was a hard choice who got the top spot, Jess slipped one place this year not really because of any reasons except she seems to have forgone the Cosplay Fundamentals ie that costume and just lived in micro bikinis all year, selling $1,000’s of pictures to her Patreon Suckers Subscribers. But why not – if you’ve got it flaunt it!

1. Kimberley Garner

Up from Last Years 3.

Kimmie oh Kimmie, Wow as ever! This UK Swimwear Designer has been busy this year, she’s been in a film (we wait to see what the acting is like!) She’s grown her company and moved to Florida (as well as London and St. Tropez) and all  the time being beautiful and terribly shy, but stunning in a bikini

Final Flag count.

I am quite surprised how may Americans there are, almost 3 times the amount of Brits and also How many French too. Cleary I’m not as International as Bob, but I have a good enough selection of nations represented and I’m happy with that!, 

Careers and Placements

Well not a surprise really Actors, Models and Climbers, all predictable the Microphone Icon is for Musician, not just Singers, with guitarists and drummers included. Sky Diver caused a problem with the icons and well done bob for making a Cosplayer icon!

Again a surprising statistic, A lot of big drops and a few risers. 26 New Entries too and 6 re-entries, that’s a lot more than I thought, Woo for the Come Back Kids! There are no Non Movers which was surprising!

Well there you go there are Ash’s Top Females of 2019, what will 2020 bring and who will be on top this time next year. So Did you see any of your favourites in there? Let us know in the comments below and hold on for Bob’s Top Men and Women of 2019 coming real soon.

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