Feeding the Addiction!

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since we posted a post of Coffee Shops we have frequented in London well two weeks is a long time without Coffee. So here we are again with another round-up of places to go to get your fix of indy coffee!

So let’s start off with…

Gelatorino Covent Garden

Having left the Sea Life Aquarium the other week and the hoards of screaming idiots, we needed coffee and having tried everything on the SouthBank we headed up towards The Strand and then into Covent Garden, seriously have we tried every coffee shop in WC2?! Well we found one we haven’t.

Gelatorino is more of a Gelato Shop and as such we have previously ignored it, but this time we headed in and ordered a pair of drinks to take away – 2x Oat Milk Mochas. The service was pretty quick and we took our drinks and walked, sipping as we went and ooo! This was gooood! The only problem was the cups weren’t the biggest and given how yummy the coffee was we wanted more.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Snug Haringey N4

Having been frequenting Haringey a lot recently we have sort out all the coffee shops along Green Lanes looking for the best. We have walked past Snug a few times and so this week we popped in. It looks inviting and large, a large table of cakes near the door entice you in and then you look at the price! But it’s too late and you order a pair of drinks (1x Americano & 1x Oat Mocha) and take a seat and count the amount of newborns and buggies.

If it’s not the new mums then the other clientele are the upper middle class adults that were those children that wore pyjamas and clogs, with a fleece and a orange hat and have never had a style lesson in their lives, who give you a judgemental look of ‘get out of our coffee shop, you are not one of us!’

We sat and waited, looking about – avoiding eye contact – and took in the decor, it’s an eclectic mix of regency and modern the usual mish-mash of styles with a large seating area in the back and Artwork on the walls for sale (if you can call it Art!).

The coffees arrived quickly, but were only in little bowl cups once again. We had thought of ordering a sandwich, but the prices were too hard to swallow – £9.60 for a salad and you don’t want to know what Avocado on toast with poached egg was. The coffee was nice, the Americano wasn’t bitter and the Mocha was chocolatey, but they were tepid and small and cost over £8.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Armoni Coffee Crouch End

Another part of London we rarely get to, but Crouch End is full of little Coffee Shops (mostly indie) as well as the influx of Costa’s. We instead opted for Armoni Coffee, headed in and ordered 2x Oat Mochas.

It was rather busy, with a small seating area with a never ending wave of people entering every couple of minutes, clearly quite a popular place. The service was pretty slow, but eventually we got our drinks and headed out of the chaos.

The cups were a sensible size and the coffees were really good, the perfect balance of chocolate and coffee.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Well there we go another little selection for you to try, if you are in the area! Come back next week for another post.

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